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The FBAC has launched the first ever online audition contest for a chance to appear in a NJ produced Horror film. The contest is part of our marketing for the upcoming “Not So Horror Horror Film Fest” on October 21, 2011 at the American Hotel where we will announce the winner and talk about the upcoming movie with the producer.

I invite all of you to participate in the online audition to help promote the event. I ask you also to share the details of the audition and the Horror Fest. For details of the auditions follow the link to our blog:

I have also included a link to the Promo for the “Not So Horror Horror Film Fest” –

We will be following up with more details of the Horror Fest every day between now and the 21st.

Thanks for participating in the online auditions. It is going to be amazing fun. The more submissions we get the more support we will receive for our upcoming events.



Neal Girandola

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