By Ayasha J. Roberson, MAS, CSLC, EDMR, Color Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant

It is officially the end of the month — did you enjoy the month of February? I know that I did. This month went very fast, and it always does because as you know it is the shortest month of the year.

February has been an incredible month for me. I am so happy and grateful to the universe for giving me peace beyond understanding. I am loving how the universe gives me peace with things that are out of my control. I am just flowing and rocking with the universe.

It’s a beautiful state to be in … I am totally in a different frequency than most people. If you are reading this article, saying to yourself that you don’t understand, that just means you are not in the same frequency yet. It’s cool. As mentioned in previous articles, I am working on myself daily. It doesn’t stop just because I am Spiritual Life Coach, Trauma Therapist, etc. My healing is a nonstop journey until my spirit leaves my body.

Share with me you “aha” or realization moments for February or January. I would like to hear from you and share your stories. I want to make this platform a non-judgment zone. When someone starts to judge me or others, it allows me to know that the individual needs healing and has deep inner wounds that haven’t been healed yet. Most people don’t want to work on themselves and take pleasure in talking badly about others. There are so many lost and dysfunctional souls in the land of the living that need healing and prayer.

Here’s brief overview of this month: we had the 22 Portal which began on February 2nd and ended on February 22nd, which heightens our manifestation and transformation into nature. It is very imperative that you keep your thoughts and feelings as positive during this time. Then, we had a new moon on February 19th and 20th — I hope that you got the chance to write your intention and healing letters and abundance checks. If you didn’t write your abundance checks under the new moon, you can write your abundance check on March 1st which symbolizes a new month of opportunities, blessings, and miracles in store for you. Also on March 1st, take some ground cinnamon and blow into the front door of your house, this will help bring you undisclosed amount of money in check form. The key to manifestation is believe that you already have it and keep a positive mindset.

Let’s talk about the zodiac sign of Pisces and how we all can benefit the energies of their sign. For the those who don’t know, Pisces are the most intuitive sign of the zodiac. They have strong psychic abilities. During the season of the Pisces, let’s tap into your spirituality. Spirituality to me is different from being Religious. Spirituality goes beyond the Bible, Quran, Torah, or any religious book could even explain. It is being tapped into your true authentic self on a daily basis. It is about being in tune to our inner be-ing as the universe continues to reveal and heal us from whatever painful experiences and trauma that we have experienced in the past. I love that with Spirituality I can grow and transform endlessly, understanding myself, people, life, culture, and society. With Spirituality I am healing my past, present, and future. During Pisces season, tap into Spirituality and let me about your experience.  

One of the important things we can learn from Pisces is about unconditional love. Unconditional love is a challenging for most people and even for myself at times. I used to say, I will forgive, but never will forget. As I continue to heal, however, that statement feels negative to me. I start saying to myself,  I must unconditionally love those who hurt. Meaning that I love you unconditionally even though the other person may not. I will continue to pray that God will continue to allow me to heal unconditionally in all levels of my healing journey. I believe when I unconditionally love myself and others, I also forgive myself and others. Unconditional love and forgiveness go hand in. I believe that I can’t unconditionally love someone else unless I forgive the other person.

Setting boundaries is also apart of unconditional love. Just because I unconditionally love and forgive myself or others,  it doesn’t mean I don’t set boundaries, and move forward with love. Now most people get unconditional love wrong. Someone in their family, for instance, has a bad or negative intention towards them yet they continue to have a friendship or relationship with the individual. I have learned through my healing that I can be happy and peaceful while sending those individuals unconditional love while setting boundaries. God doesn’t like his children to be taken advantage of by anyone, especially those individuals we call our “family.” Having unconditional love for yourself and others is great, however, please set boundaries because your emotional and spiritual health come first.

The last energy of Pisces zodiac sign I would like to focus on is the collective unconscious. I know that within my spiritual journey I have had the experience of the collective unconscious of individuals that may share similar childhood trauma or cultural experiences. For me it is has been interesting and sometime rewarding to see how God allows me to become an inspiration to someone else or to understand that I am not the only person who has experienced a similar kind of trauma. As I evolve through my psycho-spiritual journey, I noticed that I am drawn to a collective group of people for a certain time period until the universe allows me to transcend to a new level of spiritual consciousness. Overall, I am really enjoying the ride and I am looking forward seeing what is in store for during the month of March.

Let’s talk about Shamrocks and Four-Leaf Clovers

The four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of good fortune, hope, faith, and love. Four leaf clovers have considered a lucky symbol for centuries. It is believed that the Celtic priests would offer four leaf clovers for magical protection and warding off bad luck.  A shamrock is a also a clover with three leaves instead of four.  Four leaf clovers and shamrocks are associated with St. Patrick’s Day in the United States. Four leaf clovers are very rare to find, and it’s said that if you find a clover with 7 leaves, you will have double the fortune this year. In numerology year 2023 equals 7. The number 7 is in your favor.

As a color therapist, I believe when you wear the color green it will help with healing your heart, health, and of course bring you money, success, prosperity, and access to wealth. The colors to wear during St. Patrick’s Day are green and white. White is a color of purity, clarity, and removing obstacles. This year St. Patrick Day’s will be celebrated on Friday, March 17th so wear the wear the colors green and white.

Lastly here are some foods to eat on St. Patrick’s Day that will bring good fortune.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Irish Soda Bread

Beer-Braised Cabbage

Emerald Isle Warm Up

Irish Seafood Splendor

Guinness Pot Pie

Vegan Shephard’s Pie

Soda Farls

Guinness Cake

Irish Champ

Mushroom Pate

Homemade Irish Cream

There is a lot of good energy happening during the season of Pisces, but it’s important to ground yourself. If you are not grounded, you will feel like you are riding an emotional rollercoaster. Remember, Pisces is a water sign so again make sure you keep yourself grounded and focused. We have a full moon on Tuesday, March 7th so this will be time that you can burn your intention and healing letters safely outside. Lent started on February 22nd, so there will be Christians and Catholics taking part in this religious period whether they decided to give up something or fast during this season. In addition, Ramadan starts on March 22nd 30 day period consist of fasting, reflection, and community. Finally, we spring forward on March 12th with an increase of day light and working extra hour for those who work the overnight shift Saturday into Sunday. Nevertheless, the first day of Spring starts on March 20th.

I am looking forward to next edition of SaturYourDay during Aires Season. Please feel free to email me about questions about this article

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