Summer Solstice

What to expect?

The Transformation Process

Happy summer! It’s my favorite season of the year, and not just because my birthday is in the summer. I believe that summer is the season where the most healing and manifestation take place.  

I want to share with you my predictions for this summer. The July new moon brought intense emotional healing and change. During July and August new moons, you can write healing letters allowing you to release whatever is bothering you. Writing these feelings down instead of bottling up your emotions.

You can also write gratitude letters thanking the universe for all its blessings, opportunities, challenges, and obstacles that you have overcome. Here’s an example: “I am so happy and grateful for my life, house, car, apartment, job, clothes, food, water, the ability to walk, to talk, etc.” Make sure you write your gratitude letters in the first person and present tense. This will help raise your vibrational energy and shift your mood from being ungrateful for what you don’t have and focusing on what you do have. I will write my gratitude letters even if I haven’t acquire the things that I desire. I will write my gratitude letter like this: “I am so happy and gratitude for my beautiful vacation homes, my husband, my children and stepchildren, my billionaire dollar businesses, etc.” Speak, think, and write it down like you already have it and the universe will manifest the things that you desire into your life. I make an afford  to write my  gratitude letters under a  new moon each month and under a full moon each month I will safely burn my healing and gratitude letters which releases my feelings into the universe. (I usually burn my letters outside rather than instead of the house). You should try this if you have written a healing/gratitude letter already under the new moon earlier this month. If you didn’t write your healing/gratitude letter this month, then you can write letters next month. The next full moon is Friday, July 23.  Try burning your letters safely outdoors and tell me how you feel afterwards. Just FYI you may not experience any immediate transformation or healing or change, this all take time. Just enjoy the process and allow for the universe to start healing you and manifesting your desires.

Additionally, those of us who start to heal and keep a positive attitude during the summer solstice will manifest great change into their lives. Be consistent and ready to allow yourself to heal this season. This season is about your healing and nobody else.

Also, I expect this summer you will receive unexpected blessings (which some of you may have already started to experience) such as moving into a new house, purchasing a new car, or signing a new lease for an apartment, starting a new school or new job,  making new positive family connections, new positive friendships or acquire unexpected sum of money. The universe is blessing those who have passed their “test” successfully and you will be blessed abundantly and exceedingly this season.

Chiron Retrograde started Thursday, July 15 and will be lasting for the next 5 months. Since we  are in the season of Cancer, (shout-out to all the Cancers)  this Chiron retrograde will intensify the healing, transformation, and manifestation process for you this season. It will help bring into your life blessings and abundance. Get ready for your healing? A major change is on its way.

What to watch out for this season?

I believe that you should watch negative people all year long, but for some reason you will be able to see people’s true colors with the intensity of the new moon and Chiron Retrograde. However, you will be able to spiritually see and understand that the people you thought had your back really were trying to stab you in the back. There was a popular song that came out in 1972  called Backstabbers by The O’Jays. The lyrics went like this…”They smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place, they are backstabbers.” When you get a chance, listen to the song. On the other hand, I would suggest praying and meditating as the universe gives you clarity. I believe most of you who are reading this article already know that the people around you are negative, this is the season that you can let go of their dead and toxic energy.   Remember, some people are only in your life for a season, that includes family members too. God has a special purpose for you, and he is guiding you through your spiritual light. When you are guided through this light, these negative people  cannot experience this new realm of your spiritual  transformation. On the other hand, if you choose to stick around this person or group of people, then they will either sabotage the good things that are coming your way or they will become very envious of you to the point where they may ended up starting physical fights with you leading to unnecessary drama, which in fact can alter your future. That’s why God wants you to remove these people from your life so you can be blessed beyond your wildest dreams. But the blessings cannot happen until you completely remove these people from your inner circle so new positive people can enter into  your life. You can still be cordial like say hi or bye, limited your conversation under five minutes with these individuals, and keep it moving. Try to abstain from sharing your personal stories, goals, aspirations, dreams, new opportunities, relationship problems or other issues with them.  Step out on faith and allow the transformation process to begin.

Well, I want to say congrats, because you took the time out to read this entire article. You have enter a new season of healing, transformation, and manifestation. I am so proud of you for making this powerful move in your life. It is not easy at all, there has been more times that I can count all 10 of my fingers I had to walk this journey alone with little support from people around me. However, you do not have to walk this journey alone because I will  help motivated you along the way and of course God is the one that helping you to navigate through this journey called Life.

Well, that’s it for today’s blog, make sure you read my next blog on Saturday,  July 24th at 11am ET For more information to hire me as your Spiritual Life Coach email me Follow and Connect with us on social media by click onto the links below.

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