Stheven Rodriguez is a  twenty-three year old writer and musician . Stheven began composing  music at the youthful age of eighteen years old. 
 Influenced by the Pioneers of the industry Stheven  is a Hip Hop artist but is which  immensely influenced the rap industry . His personal beliefs which engineered his career choice is that  music is very influential to the world he chose’s  what to convey  in his music. Also , he  aspires to live in purpose and desires for his music to be knowledgeable so people can learn and relate through his message .  At such a young age insecurities overwhelmed him until 2014 .
In 2014 , Stheven put out his  first mixtape called  Escape To Paradise”. The success of his first project  aided his fuel causing even more dedication and empowerment . He deiced the her would  pursue his dreams.  Subsequent to his first Mixtape “Escape To Paradise ” Stheven has released eleven singles . Due to his dedication and persistence in his craft this caused him to accumulate a vast fan base .  Currently , Stheven is attending college studying biology and has endeavor’s on becoming a  pharmaceutical chemist
Growing up I’ve always been into music and found it amazing that how one’s words can connect with others around the world and I wanted to do the same with my music.”
                                                                                          – Stheven Rodriguez

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