(Strategy Produces Overall Thought)

S.P.O.T., was born in East Flatbush-Brooklyn, New York.  From a young age, S.P.O.T.’s parents exposed him to all types of music. They would play 45s and 12” LPs of many genres including Gospel, R&B, Reggae and Funk.
In the early 1990s, S.P.O.T., then called SpotLyte, performed as a b-boy (break dancer) with a local group called Moe Dice. It was his involvement with them that influenced him to start song writing. The group was making a song based on A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario” and encouraged S.P.O.T. to write his first verse. The group acknowledged his talent and recognized his thoughtfulness in his approach to writing; the alias S.P.O.T., standing for Strategy Produces Overall Thought, was conceived.
Eventually, the members of Moe Dice went their separate ways and S.P.O.T. went on to start two groups of his own: AT&T and Ruff Draft. Unfortunately those partnerships did not last due to artistic differences. S.P.O.T. remained focused and continued to evolve and improve his songwriting.
In 1999 on a trip to Europe, S.P.O.T. met one of the top DJs in The Netherlands, DJ DCS. DCS was so impressed with S.P.O.T.’s rhyming skills that he invited him to collaborate on a recording project. “Life Is What U Make It” resulted as S.P.O.T.’s first solo recording. While on the flight back from Holland S.P.O.T. came to the revelation that the art of songwriting was his true destiny and performing was his calling.
The following month S.P.O.T. decided to attend Five Towns College and thereafter graduated with an A.A.S in Music Business Management and a B.P.S in Music Business. In school, S.P.O.T. did a radio show called “Down 2 Earth”. After graduation he started an independent record label, Down 2 Earth Records, Inc. in 2002.
S.P.O.T. brings a different sound to the entertainment industry because of his musical diversity and cross-pollination of styles. His musical influences have led him to create the originality that he exhibits through production, song writing, and live performance. He has a different approach to storytelling; it’s not your average shoot-em-up bang-bang music or bling-bling type of thing. S.P.O.T.’s songs are practical and realistic and can be related to by all, male and female, young and old.
S.P.O.T. sees being an M.C. as an opportunity to communicate with the world and make a difference. He believes that being an M.C. is a blessing because everyone isn’t given the ability to express themselves through song. “An M.C. still holds its authentic purpose, which is to move the crowd, but I would like to do this physically, mentally and spiritually.”
S.P.O.T. has performed for Grind Hard TV @ Bowery Poetry Club-NY, EOW @ The Pyramid-NY, Optimus Foundation @ The 5 Spot-NY, InPDUM @ The African Poetry Theatre-NY, and places such as Planet Hollywood-NY, Club Cheetah-NY & Sputnik-NY. He has also toured overseas with shows @ La Meson-Marseille, France & L’Escale-Aubagne, France to name a few. S.P.O.T. recently released “The Extended Player”. The new endeavor is a follow-up to S.P.O.T.’s critically acclaimed albums, ‘The Album Called A Mixtape,’ and ‘The Duets.’


Website: http://down2earthrecords.com/


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