Songwriter/producer, Jaii Gilkey aka “Ntellekt”, has done it again. He has proven that he not only can write Hip Hop tracks, but he has also written, arranged, produced songs, & collaborated with some of the world’s most talented singers, ranging from Pop, Hip Hop, & R&B. He has worked with the very talented Def Jam artist Jawann “Smoke Digglera” Peacock formerly known as “Playa” (Cheers 2 U), the soulful vocalists Max Bronston & Kerry Johnson of the Neo Soul Jazz band “HoneyChild”, the sensational sound of R&B vocalist Fatima Washington and the mesmerizing vocalist Corey Cross who was also a contestant in the Showtime At the Apollo to name a few. The Red Carpet album is a combination of phenomenal wordplay, poignant punchlines, & infectious hooks sure to catch the listeners’ ears.

Ntellekt’s lyrics vividly bring his music creativity to life, telling stories of pride, positivity, & true life situations. Standing out in an ever changing music industry is no easy task, but having the opportunity of being a publisher of Gilkey Hit Music, he has developed a recipe for success, with several artists’ wanting to collaborate with the talented songwriter. His lyrics are unique, metaphors are creative & style is nothing but original.

However, his creativeness doesn’t stop there. He also works with other talented beatmakers and producers all over the globe, overseas producers  Mallek Ahmed of France and Al Fraser of United Kingdom,  to show versatility within his range of melodies, harmonies, & rhythms. Ntellekt quotes “I feel it’s important to be versatile and keep your songs fresh by using production different than your own, because every producer has their own signature sound. The odds of bringing a unique sound to the music game increase dramatically when this technique is used.” J.I. Retro and Boonie Mayfield have teamed up with Ntellekt to bring their own exhilarating sound to “The Red Carpet” album.  You are sure to see this talented songwriter/producer nominated for many Grammy’s and headed for what this album is called “The Red Carpet” (A Songwriter’s Journey).



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