IMG_20150218_200354_1Hello and welcome to One on One in 10, where we pick the brains of some of the most talented Indie artists in the Tri state area. It’s your girl Mai Mazzi reporting live on the scene, bringing you the real with todays’ movers and shakers and allowing you to meet them, one on one.

Not only welcome, but welcome back as we are now entering our second series of One on One interviews! Thank you so much to everyone out there who followed from the beginning, making the concept a success!! I hope y’all missed us….

This month our one on one is with the talented DJ Giselle, repping the North Jersey area.

Mazzi: Thank you so much for taking the time out to sit and speak with me.

DJ Giselle: Thank you for having me!

Mazzi: So for our first question, what made you first realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music/DJing?

DJ Giselle: It’s actually pretty crazy… I have been into music all of my life. I remember as a kid recording songs off of the radio onto cassette tapes. I was working in the corporate world for a very long time, and you know that kind of work gets boring after a while. I was able to bring music into work, so I would create playlists and play them for myself and sometimes others. The people at my job would tell me that I should look into being a DJ; at that time I never thought about exploring that line of work, I mean I was always in love with music but I never imagined myself doing that on a personal level. So little by little I began to research the industry; I first learned how to use a controller, and then began to purchase the needed equipment. I eventually fell in love with DJing! I didn’t expect to fall in love with it, but sometimes it takes a little flame to start a fire. I wanted to change things up for myself and found my passion in it (DJing).

Mazzi: How would you describe your DJing movement for the public audience if they have never seen or heard you before?

DJ Giselle: I enjoy all types of music so I try to keep an open format while I am performing. I am open to play whatever {music} the client requests. Many times I get introduced to sounds that I have never heard before and walk away with a new love for that new sound. My personal preference is a fusion of house, deep house, jazz, and soulful music. I like to mix and blend music, remix different genres and flows together. It gets me excited and it gives me goose bumps to be able to make one beautiful blend out of different sounds. So I would have to say that my movement incorporates a lot of fusion because I like to be different!

Mazzi: When you are doing an event, how do you come up with your playlist?

DJ Giselle: As a DJ I am there to play music for my client. I like to sit down with them to get an idea about the genre that they are looking for and the age bracket; I want to be able to hit all of the eras in a specific genre to keep the flow for the event. I invite the client to come and sample the set so that they can feel the music and how I present it with my style. I factor in every detail based on the event and environment, but I do not go in with a specific set or playlist. I know what type of music to play, but as a DJ you kind of go into each event unprepared. I get my vibes from the audience and flow with them in the moment.

Mazzi: How does your DJ’ing style differ from other DJs that may fall into the same movement as you?

DJ Giselle: I have only been DJ’ing for a year now and I have had the opportunity to DJ in a lot of different places where people play a lot of different types music. I feel like my fusion, the mixes that I do and the music that I play, sets me a part. The music that I play I actually don’t hear a lot of people playing. I’m into house music heavy; I will take a slow paced house song and mix it with something very different to make a unique sound. To be honest with you I do not see that often and I like that because as a new DJ that allows me to stick out from what is already out there.

Mazzi: Are you familiar with the term “starving artist”?

DJ Giselle: Yes absolutely!

Mazzi: How do you cope with major obstacles as they relate to the term?

DJ Giselle:  I do really well with stress. I really try to do my best and keep a positive mind every day. Work as hard as I can to achieve the success that I want.  There are difficult situations that are going to happen in DJ’ing and life in general. You have to wake up and be a strong minded person to be successful in anything. I was working for a company for eight years and I made a complete career change in order to change my schedule so that I am free to DJ more on the weekends and nights; I was able to transition myself to accommodate being flexible to DJ. Over the past year I have made a lot of changes to overcome many obstacles that people would encounter. The best way to say that I have overcome obstacles is being prepared and staying strong and positive. Things are going to happen, not everything is going to be perfect so you have to keep going and strive to succeed.

Mazzi: What do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your DJ’ing career?

DJ Giselle: For me only being a DJ for a year, I definitely feel very fortunate and blessed to be where I’m at today; even being here doing this interview with you is something that is very special for me. I am also a part of a radio show called Fiesta en la Ocho which is an achievement in itself. Just being able to  DJ a party is an achievement! Being a part of the radio show has allowed more people to checkout my skills and had broadened my listening base. Sometimes I wake up and can’t believe where I’m at within a year of being in this industry!

Mazzi: What image do you think your music conveys and why did you choose this type of image for your music?

DJ Giselle: As far as an image, I portray myself. My DJ name is DJ Giselle which is my name and I am me! Every moment that I can be happy with everything I do, I make sure I am. Every time I plug in my headphones I get taken to a place of euphoria; a calm, relaxing place that I love to go! Being a DJ is all about your energy and I like to bring my energy to my DJ’ing. From the way I stand to the way I move, it’s all me and that’s the image I want to portray.

Mazzi: You are in the spotlight of being a celebrity. What advice would you have for the youth today looking to enter the music/djing industry?

DJ Giselle: Being a woman is the biggest thing that sets me a part, which I embrace. I am definitely a feminist and I am proud to be out here in a male dominated industry. People respect that I am a female doing it. Advice that I would have for the youth is that if this is something that you want to do you go in and go in hard; don’t ever, ever let anyone put you down. When you follow your passion and you do what you love to do, it’s an amazing feeling and you will do that so well. I feel that I have been so successful because I love what I do. Sometimes in life we get stuck doing things that we have to do, but if you have the opportunity to get involved with something you love, go in 100%, don’t be scared, and don’t let anyone’s negativity get you down.

Mazzi: What are your immediate DJ’ing career goals (1 to 3 years)?

DJ Giselle: I have thought about this a lot being a new DJ. There are many different outlets, from club Djs to Djs in retail stores and malls. I honestly love DJ’ing and want to make a career out of it. I want to be able to just DJ. Out of all the parties I’ve done, I really enjoy the fashion side of music; like the Fashionista Rooftop party where we met. I like the fashion environment; I like to be a breast the uniqueness. I also like the music I get to play at these events, which happens to be house music which I love.

Mazzi: Do you have other interests or talents that you would like to share with us? How do you like to enjoy your relaxation time away from the music?

DJ Giselle: I love the violin! When I tell you I have an extensive playlist, it ranges from classical to hard core rap. I am very moody with music; I listen to whatever genre of music I wake up wanting to hear depending on my mood. So learning to play the violin is the next notch on my belt!

I am actually very introverted. I am a very private person. That may surprise some people because they say, “but you’re a DJ”, but when I DJ I am by myself. Yes I socialize, but when I am alone I like to be alone. I have a big family that I like to chill out with and I also have my days when I chill in the house and watch NetFlix all day. Traveling is also a love of mine. I have a couple of islands and countries to visit!

Thank you so much DJ Giselle for blessing our blog! This talented young woman is very busy and on her grind! On the day this interview posts, (March 20th, 2015), she will be DJ’ing at the BeBe clothing store in the Woodbridge Mall in NJ and has three private parties lined up between March and April.

And to you, the readers thank you for tuning in. Make sure you stay tuned for more NMNJ One on One in 10!



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