Are you looking for the following: 
Website Design
Legal & Administrative for your business 
PR & Event Planning your event 
Grant Writing & Research 
These services are now available to you:
Non profit organizations 
Do you need help with organizing your board of directors? 
Creating bylaws & constitution?
Or filing your organization with the IRS to be able to apply for grants? 
PR and Event Planning
If you are trying to get your name or small business name out there, we now offer PR and Event coordinating services so you can have a successful event and celebration.
Designing a website or blog 
Helping you create a social media present and to engaged your target audience. We are in the age of the social media, you will be able to touch and reach more people with branding yourself and your business with a creation of a website or blog.
Administrative & Legal Services 
Create business contracts for upcoming events or for doing business with other businesses that fit your individual need or the need of your business.
If you are interested in any of these services, please contact our offices 732-510-0979 or email us

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