Three little kids dressed in their costumes patiently wait for you to open the door.
You open it to find a ghost, a skeleton and a witch.
You wait to hear those three unforgettable words.
Instead of reaching out for a bowl of candy you have the kids dig into this:


A batch of scary homemade shortbread witchy finger cookies. For the recipe click here. Or watch this video for another version of how to make these creepy cookies.
Uncertain of whether or not the fingers were real you reassure them by biting into one.
“Hmm, Yum! See kids they’re just short bread cookies shaped as fingers. The finger nails look so real but they are just almonds”.
Two out of the three dig in but one hesitates and you ask why?
“Well, I’m a gluten free, nut free, vegan and sometimes sugar free kind of kid. My parents want me to be the healthiest, smartest and sick-less kid in this neighborhood …except for tonight, I’m allowed to eat as much candy as I want but after today I’m only allowed one candy per week.
“No need to worry dear”. You head to the kitchen and return with a box filled with this:


“Tell your parents that these twix bars are RAW, VEGAN, GLUTEN, NUT & HYDROGENATED OIL FREE!!! Homemade by me.”
The little boy eyes widened behind the skeleton mask. He was delighted to see a treat which his parents would approve of anytime of the year; meaning more of these homemade vegan treats everyday, whenever he wanted one! Get this vegan, gluten free, nut free and raw approved recipe here.
Suddenly a loud noise comes from the bathroom. You slowly approach the noise and open the door slowly only to find the little witch coughing from inside the bathroom.
“Sorry, I just had to use the bathroom. Is there a chance I can get something to drink my throat is feeling a bit dry. After eating all those witch finger cookies I need something to wash it down.”
“Why of course dear. Follow me!” You take them to the mysterious kitchen filled with cobwebs, skulls and eerie noises.
“Ahhhh” screamed the boy dressed as a ghost. “What’s that?:

Click here to find out…
After consuming that frightful drink it was time for the three kids to hurry on over to the next house. Hopefully they made it out alive after drinking all those drinks marked with a bold X all over them…hmm!
Happy Halloween Food and Drink making!

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