Dealing with Peer Pressure

Our friends can either have a positive or negative effect on the way we think, behave and act. We feel that it is an important issue to discuss about the negative effects of peer pressure. It is sad to say, however, most people are affected negatively from peer pressure from what they witness within their homes, their environments, relationships with their family members and by what they watch on television. This is the reason why we stress that we all should make good choices to attract and interact with others who share similar aspirations as we do.

Most students want to be associated by the in crowd such as who is the most popular student in school or on campus, who hangs out with whom, etc. People influenced by peer pressure tend to get caught up in the drama and non-sense of what goes on at school and even at work. This interferes with their priorities because they start to follow behind the in crowd and not behind their own goals. Peer pressure can make people think it is a safe place because you feel a sense of belonging to something. However, ask yourself this question; is this group bringing any positive value to my life and to others? If Yes, good! If not then you must rethink your decision for wanting to be around these people who have the potential of pressuring to be someone you are not. For example, talking negatively about others is a common thing you may find yourself pressured to do within these kind of groups.  If you want to belong you will have to unfortunately agree with the negative comments they will be saying against another person. If you don’t agree you will be seen as someone who is not in compliance with the group. However, remember, that this same person who talks bad about others can just as easily talk negatively about you.

While you are in school, don’t lose focus on the main objective which is earning good grades and ultimately achieving your educational and career goals. Life is about evolving so you should never stop growing no matter how older you get or feel. If you have supportive family and friends in your corner, you will be able to concentrate and accomplish your goals within a good time frame. However, be very aware of this minor mistake, you cannot base your goals off of someone else experiences or how fast they have accomplished their goals. You are you and they are they! With that being said, so what if it might take you a little longer to achieve your goals! The question is never how long but how well did you enjoy the journey?  Life is not about running race to see which person can get to the finish line first. Life is about enjoying the negative and positive experiences and making sure we take something from each stepping stone.

Finally, getting back to topic at hand peer pressure, make sure you attract the “right individuals” which will inspire you and help you reach your full potential in life.  We want to see you achieve every dream that has been placed into your mind, spirit and heart. Let go of anything that has a negative influence….We only ride with those who can have a positive influence of self-esteem, self-worth, and our dreams. Use social media, meetup groups and the numerous after school activities which interest you to help you find and attract positive friends and mentors into your life.

Thank you for reading our school post and check back next month.

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