Urban Socialites NJ would like to introduce to you our new members of our team!! We also want to remind you to keep watching for the new blog “Apples Jerz’s Life”







Introducing the New Editor-In-Chief of Apples Jerz’s Life Jacky O. The Apples Jerz’s Life Blog will feature the hottest trends, styles, and fashion in New Jersey and beyond. Fashion Blog will premiere in January 2012 & stay tuned for more info! Make sure you follow her @J__Walking & on Facebook






Introducing the New Co-Host of New Music NJ & New Host of Jerz’s Hot Spots KM. The show will feature the hottest places to dine, relax, and play in Jerz. Show premieres in January 2012. Stay tune for more information, make sure you follow KM @KiraMiddleton and on facebook Kira Middleton

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