There’s no spooky spell that needs to be done. Unlocking the secret to being happy is actually a very simple thing. Following these simple tips can change the course of your life if you live in its power daily, making it a lifestyle. Maybe things aren’t really going the way you had hoped they would at this point of your life and you’re tired. You may be feeling overwhelmed because focusing on lack is much easier than focusing on what you DO have. The stakes are high and you feel like time is running out. Relax. Everything is going to be okay. Here are five tips to becoming a happier you.

5. Show daily gratitude.

Thanking God, the universe, spirit or whoever you consider your life source, for your blessings, unlocks the door to true happiness. Our thoughts and our words carry so much power that we don’t even realize we set the tone for our lives each and every day. Vocalizing your gratitude pulls positive energy back into your space, making things seem, “not so bad after all.” When you wake up in the morning and you feel the sun shining on you, thank God. Be grateful for what you do have. Family. Friends. Finances. Health. Peace. Love… whatever it is that you DO have , tangible or not, show an attitude of gratitude and see how much of a difference it makes in your day.

4. Manifest what you desire

Believing in the power of your words isn’t a new phenomenon. Even the Bible says that God, “called those things that are not as though they were.” (Romans 4:17.) Speaking things out into the atmosphere reshapes how you think and feel about your life and yourself. If you’re always focused on what’s going wrong in your life, negativity will eagerly take center stage and give the performance of a life time. Stop making happiness it’s understudy. What is it that you desire? To lose weight? To attract wealth? To have peace? — Whatever it may be, speak it out and you’ll have the desire to take the actions necessary to obtaining those things. Think positively and speak positively about your life.

3. Do what you love doing.

Okay so you’re not a fan of your 9–5 and that’s okay. What do you do AFTER WORK? Or on the weekends ? Diving head first into what you love doing will definitely spark a new flame of happiness in your soul. I love film and photography and I find that when I get behind the camera, anything that I was worrying about goes back stage and I’m in my happy space. Do what you love continuously. Every single day you should be dedicating time to whatever it is that you love. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day.

2. Be around people who love you.

Sometimes when we get into a spirit of negativity we want to close ourselves off and wallow in solitude. It’s human and sometimes you do need a little time to yourself. It’s understandable but if you have the opportunity to get around some loving and genuine energy, do so. You never know how much of a refill you can get just from being around good energy. Get around your family, or those friends that have great things going on, or your lover who’s been dying to spend time with you. You never know how much being around people who care will lift you up.

1. Stop caring about what people think of you.

So you’ve made some mistakes and bad decisions. You’ve fallen down, got back up and did it again and again. SO WHAT! Don’t be hard on yourself and for those people who judge you and look down on you, stop giving their opinions a seat in your King(or Queen)dom. Their opinions don’t matter. Developing an, “I don’t give a damn attitude,” is a sure way to free yourself from the prison of other people’s judgments, thus making you a much happier individual.

Learning to incorporate these tips into your life will take time but make the decision to start right now, this second, in this moment in time to walk down a new path to HAPPINESS.

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