Derrick Rose Jr. (Born August 11, 1990), better known as “Young IzzI”, is a Hip Hop Recording Artist from Cleveland, OH. Raised by both his parents, “Young IzzI” grew up in church but never had his own relationship with the Heavenly Father.


     At the age of 16, “Young IzzI” met Champ, one of his former co-workers and close friends. Two years later, Champ started rapping for God and introduced Young IzzI to what people call “Gospel Rap”. Shortly after being introduced, Young IzzI started writing music at the age of 18. By the time he was 19 he dropped out of college to pursue a music career and regularly attended church where he started to have his own true relationship with God. Champ and IzzI recorded two mixtapes with each other and performed at various churches. After recording their second mixtape, they competed in the Bobby Jones Gospel Competition where they would come in 3rd place. After the competition the sponsors of the show ‘God Made Millions’ met with Champ and IzzI about signing them, but after that day Champ and IzzI never received a call. After being hugely disappointed Champ stopped making music to tend to his family’s needs and Young IzzI who was never a solo artist stopped as well.


    A year had went by and Young IzzI told God he didn’t care anymore whether he get signed or even if just a group of people heard his music, he felt an obligation to make positive music for whoever would listen and help make a change however he could . He would then make his first solo project and follow  up with two more projects , the latest one being a mixtape called “IzzI 2K16″.


     Young IzzI has gone on to perform and minister at various settings which includes schools, churches, out of state venues, lounges, parties, and competitions. He recently won a talent competition known as “Stage 216”, and auditioned for popular television competition series “Americas Got Talent”.  He released a music video visual “Til I Die” Ft Ryan Armand, in which is soon to go viral.


     Even in his success, Young IzzI has went through a lot of pain. He recently lost his stillborn baby as well as suffered the tragic loss of his older brother in a violent shooting on August 29, 2015 in Cleveland, OH. Through it all, Young IzzI is now more motivated than ever before.  He continues to push forward putting his family and city on his back as he tries to bring change to the world through his music and his life. He is a Warrior and Ambassador of the Most High and he brings extreme energy and confidence to any crowd that he performs in front of.  So with that being said, don’t just join the movement, BUT BE A PART OF THE REVOLUTION!!!

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