Mind Map is a group of artists from different genres of art who have come together to map people’s mind with Experimental Psybient music. Mind Map sound scape involves Rhythmic melodies to psychedelic rare instruments.

We are in the process of crossing barriers and borders genres of art to unite it under one roof Global music / Global art”.

At present Mind Map live performances include Live music, Live painting & Flow art (Fire & LED Poi)

The present lineup includes

  • Preetham G Raj – Synth / arrangement / lead vocals

  • Avinash BN – Bass Guitar

  • Psy Didge / Abhijith – Didgeridoo & backing vocals

  • Thomas Thomson – Violin

  • Chirag – Hand Pan

  • Ashwin – Flow art / Poi

  • Kiran Singh / Trinetra creations – Art work & live painting

Genre of Music we belong to

Experimental Psybient Music, that is the genre that we belong to.

Our music is inspired by nature – a clichéd statement, but honestly all artists who are part of this clan are inspired by nature and that is one of the reasons that we are together.

We would all agree to the fact that natural sounds are very ambient. In our journey of music, we realized that natural sounds also have a psychedelic feel. Like if you close your eyes lying down on a beach, you start to drift with the sounds of the waves.

As a band we try to replicate those natural sounds which resonate with our innate frequency. In that process we experiment with a lot of instruments and improvise with conventional ones. Hence the name Experimental Psybient Music.

About the EP tracks (Which is on air on your channel)

So it is not a collective, though, the tracks transcend musically. We have 3 tracks, all of which are precursors to full length albums that will follow

Actual Instinct: This is our first track, which talks about the actual instincts that all of us have in common, which is to survive. We have clouded our mindset with materialistic and possessive intent, where as we should just let go all of it. Sense the actual instincts within each one of us.

Alien Planet: The second track has a philosophical thought. We as a generation have been very obsessed with Aliens and the prospect of finding Aliens. However we are not realizing the fact that we ourselves are also Aliens in this universe for someone else.

Mean Man: This track highlights the exploitation of nature by Man. It symbolizes Nature as a Mother who nurtures the Man, but the Mean Man fails to understand its importance. The track finally ends with Mother Nature showing its fury to the Mean Man who is belittled in front of the power of this universe.

These are the 3 tracks which we have in our EP and as you see, all of them have different story but the same theme, Inspired by the Universe!

About the Next Release

We are working on full length album and is scheduled to release in end of 2016. Keep watching our space for more information.

Mind Map on Different Platform

Facebook – www.facebook.com/mindmapmusic
Youtube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChWeobqbsZaskyA4SIadsFQ
Twitter – @mindmapmusicind
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/mindmapmusicindia
Webpage (Blog) – https://mindmapmusicindia.wordpress.com

Band Camp – https://spiritedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/mindmap?undefined=

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