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Welcome to SaturYourDay. I hope that you are having a good day and had a good week. Today is September 3 and it’s Labor Day Weekend; most people have planned to go to the beach and get one last vacation in before school starts. I will be doing whatever the universe resonates inside my heart to do, so you may see me chilling around the Northern New Jersey area.

We entered a new moon in Virgo on August 27 which was filled with energies of self-care and healing. I encourage everyone to write keep writing down your feelings — this may help bring to the surface past hurt or trauma that you need to heal from. It is especially important that you start this journey of healing when you are ready. We are in the year of 2022 which in numerology adds up to six. Six is the number of healing, protection, and self-love. I believe as human be-ings we need more healing, self-love, and protection. As you continue to evolve into this powerful spiritual be-ing that you are starting to become, you will notice how more in tune you are with your spirit. When this happens, you are able to see and hear things others can’t see or hear because it is your time to spiritually grow.

Meanwhile, be prepared during this season of Virgo to ground yourself through meditating, praying, walking barefoot in your backyard or around the pool, or even just outside your front door so that you can feel your connection to Mother Earth. Take a few minutes and close your eyes to do some conscious breathing exercises. Once you are done with your exercise, you can say the following words: I am light, love, and positive magnetic energy that was created in the image of the Universe. I am grounded and focused as I connect to the Universe. The Universe speaks to my intuitive heart and allows me to feel this powerful strong energy giving me confidence and strength to focus my attention on manifesting goals that I desire to accomplish. I receive warm and light from the sun as it connects to my spirit, and I stand barefoot outside and I feel strong energy connecting me to Mother Energy as I ground myself.  I receive all positive and good energies from the Universe. Sending the Universe the same energies that it sends to me light and love. Namaste.

We are also in pre-mercury retrograde season, so let’s get prepared for what we need to re-evaluate, re-set, and re-adjust in our lives. Retrograde officially begins on September 9th and will end on October 1st. You may experience some confusion during Retrograde Season especially when the transition of signs Virgo are ending on September 22 and entering the season of Libra on September 23rd. Therefore, it is so important to keep yourself grounded and focused during this season.

Today, I also want to talk to you about forgiveness and what that means to me. It is about healing. I think most people deal with not forgiving themselves and others, which is a normal thing to do. Eventually though this turns into the blame-shame-victim game, to the point where you are willing to talk anybody about your problem because you want to feel good or at least receive validation from others so they can tell you what you did was right. I guess this could make a person feel good for temporary period of time until those same thoughts and feelings resurface again. Then you will have to do play the blame-shame-victim game over all again, which is tiring. Some people make a career of playing the victim.

 Forgiveness is not for the person that abused or mistreated me; forgiveness is for me. I want to forgive myself so I can heal and move past this painful experience instead holding onto my painful memories. When I don’t forgive, it holds me prisoner. Learning to forgive is teaching to forgive myself for what I did or didn’t do. Forgiveness is also about making peace with what it is.

Have you truly forgiven yourself? Are you still angry or depressed about what happened in the past? Is this anger or sadness stopping you from moving pass this stage of forgiveness? What is holding you back from forgiving?

What held me back from forgiving my mom was always saying to myself that I will forgive, but never forget. Or, deciding that I didn’t want to go anywhere near her. These were ways of keeping myself from not being able to forgive. I kept myself from being unable to forgive my mom for being emotionally and physically abusive towards me and from treating me differently than my twin sister.

But I learned through my journey when I was becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, that I did want to set the prisoner free, and that prisoner was me. Now, I am able to live lighter and happier because I have forgiven my mom for how she treated me when I was a child. This forgiveness has helped me to heal more than I could ever have imagined. Today, I am at peace and so happy with life. I am glad that I was able to forgive. I would like for you to reach this place in your healing journey too.

Here are some additional reminders about what’s coming up

The next Full Moon is on September 10th, the day after the Mercury Retrograde starts. Make sure you burn your healing and intention letters safely.

The next new moon is on September 25, under the sign of Libra, which focuses our intentions on harmony, partnerships, commitment, and relationships. You can write a new healing or intention letter or both under the new moon. Remember to write down what you would like to heal from such as childhood trauma, drug and/alcohol addiction, low self-esteem, being a victim of bullying, prostitution, etc. For example, I want the universe to help lead on my healing journey as I want to be healed from being sexually abused when I was a child.

In addition, when you write your intention letter, write in the present tense, meaning write it like you already have it. For example: I am so happy and grateful for my life, good health, financial freedom, my new car, my new house, vacation houses, condominiums, boats, happiness, peace, love, marriage, children etc.

My next blog will focus Libra Season so stay tuned! Make sure you watch the new episode of Sun Vibes on Wednesday, September 7th at 6pm EST to help you discover your true authentic self.

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