How to Stay Spiritually Grounded, Aligned, and Focused This Fall

The Season of Change

By Ayasha Roberson, MAS, CSLC

Welcome back to another edition of SaturYourDay.  I hope that everyone has had a fantastic summer. As I mentioned in my previous blog, summer is my favorite season and don’t like to see the season go. However, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end. I am learning how to appreciate all the seasons that the universe blesses me with and to look at them all with an attitude of gratitude. So, goodbye summer and hello to fall.

Even though we are now in September, fall doesn’t officially begin until September 22. But most students are set to go back to school for in person learning this fall and most adults will be returning to the workplace. The anxiety and tension are at all time high right now and continue to create a specific energy around you.  Today this blog is for you, as I want to help you make your transition back into school and the workplace a smooth, easy, joyous, and peaceful process.

Here are 4 tips on how to stay spiritually aligned, grounded, and focused this fall as we continue to navigate through the current situation.

Step 1 – My Connection to the God Source: I believe that it is very important to have a connection to the higher source or power, which many of us refer to as Jesus, Buddha, Goddess, etc. You must start by having a connection or with a relationship with the higher power. This will strengthen you and give you the faith to believe in something even when you can’t see it. This is called faith, believing that the universe will grant you everything that your heart desires only if you continue to believe.

It takes time to grow your faith so you must keep on believing and know that everything will happen in divine timing, which is God’s timing. Having faith takes discipline, and it is not an easy task to start or fulfill because we are all faced with many circumstances, obstacles, negative thoughts, and feelings. These all sometimes prevent us from believing and keeping the faith that God will see us through. What has worked for me is constantly giving myself positive self-talk. For example, I will say to myself, “I am great conscious creator, money attracts to me easily and frequency, I am strong, and I can overcome all things through spirit of God.” This will help propel my spirit and vibrational energy to stay aligned with the universe.  Instead of focusing on what I don’t have or haven’t accomplished, I replace the negative thoughts with new positive thoughts so I can continue to attract the things that I desire in my life and the lives of others.

I spiritually align myself with the universe on a consistent basis. I have already manifested many great things in my life and will continue to do so because of my faith in God. Having a relationship and connection with the God source is the only way stay spiritually aligned, grounded, and focused. The universe will start to respond to the thoughts that you put out into the universe. Trust me this works … if you can believe, then you will see it.

Step 2 — Mediation:  Meditation is a great way to keep yourself grounded, spiritually aligned, and focused especially when we are undergoing spiritual attacks. Spiritual attacks come from people you usually know such as your sister, mother, father, cousin, colleague, coworker, or friends. For me, these spiritual attacks happened usually during my transformation process. People around me may notice a change about me before I do and they don’t want to see me to receive the blessings from the universe so instead of admiring me, they will emotionally attack my spirit. I don’t look at this as a negative, but as a positive. What I have learned that this is a sign that the universe has something special in store and means I am on the right track. 

I do two forms of meditation one called the Spiritual Distinction Meditation and the other is known as sound therapy. When I practice meditation, I do the Spiritual Distinction Meditation every day, once a day.  This is more of feeling meditation vs a thinking meditation and helps me to release what I am feeling so I can heal and move forward with growing. I have been practicing this meditation for over a year, and it probably takes about 10 minutes to complete. However, you can do any kind of guided meditation that will help you release any negative energy from your body so you can become more spiritual aligned for what the universe wants you to do, not with what the world wants you to do.

Meditation must be a part of your spiritual routine. The best time to do meditation is in the morning before you start your day. But you can also meditate multiple times a day — before taking a test, walking into the school building, before you leave your car, before going into your building at work, etc. Meditation doesn’t have to be a one-time thing that you do first thing in the morning and that’s it. You can meditate as many times as possible or as your spirit tells you to do it. That’s why I mentioned in Step 1, that you must be spiritual align with the universe and the God-Self so you can know when you need to use it.

For Sound Therapy, I use chakra bowls and play them which allows me to keep my vibrational frequency high and release whatever negative energy that may be around me. I play my chakra bowls normally during the middle of night between 3am to 4am, but you can play your chakra bowls anytime of the day. Again, back to Step 1 – you must be spiritually aligned with God and within yourself to be able to effectively listen to your spirit, so you know when it is the best time to play your chakra bowls. If you don’t have set of singing chakras, you can always go to YouTube or Spotify and listen to the 7-chakra meditation during the day or night, even while you are asleep. This will have the same effect.

Step 3: Herbals are one of the key essential elements for our growth. You might think that herbs and herbals are related to cooking. But did you know these same herbals can help you with the emotions and stress that we all deal with on a day-to-day basis? Three excellent herbs to start with are Lavender, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile, as they will help you emotionally and metaphysically.  You can also use these herbals or any herbal to spiritually cleanse your house.

How do you this? Take any cooking pot and add three cups of water, then your herbals into th pot. Then place your pot on the stove and heat it until the mixture boils. Once it has boiled, turn the heat off and let the steam from the herbals permeate your space. The best time to do spiritual cleansing is when others are not in the house because you don’t want their energy affecting your process. I live by myself; I do a spiritual cleansing every two weeks. My home feels so airy, light, and peaceful which has had a positive effect not only on me, but my neighbors who live in the building too. I purchased a tea pot from Zen Shop which is located inside of the Short Hills Mall, if you are local to New Jersey. It came with a strainer to place your herbals in.  If you don’t live in the area, you can always find a similar tea pot from Amazon.

Now let me explain to you what each of the three herbals is used for and how it will benefit you. The herbals that I will be discussing help with stress, depression, and anxiety, which many of us experience daily. Lavender relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. Metaphysical elements it helps with are happiness, healing, and peace. Next is Lemon Balm, which relieves depression, anxiety, PMS, and postpartum symptoms. Metaphysical elements of Lemon Balm helps nervous disorders, love, aphrodisiac, fertility. Finally, Chamomile relieves stress and anxiety. Metaphysical elements of chamomile are money, love, and tranquility. Herbals are inexpensive and can be more effective than traditional medications.

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Step 4 — Spiritual Kits: Spiritual Kits are amazing to use for your mind, body, and spirit so you can be spiritual aligned, focused, and grounded. Each spiritual kit is custom designed to fit your need. There are multiple spiritual kits that you could order for yourself or your loved ones. These kits make good gifts for any occasion such as birthdays, graduations, going to college, starting a new job, or business, or even starting a new chapter in your personal life.  Since we are heading towards the season of fall and the new school year, I would suggest that you purchase a spiritual kit for either anxiety or depression. I have purchased these kits and they have done wonders for my life. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the entire experience.

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I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog and learned a lot about how to stay grounded and focuses. If you are interested in learning more about my spiritual life coaching or sound therapy services, please email me at Make sure you continue to connect with SaturYourDay by clicking on link below and connect with me on all my social media link as well.

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