How To Launch a New Project: 4 Tips to Get Started

Part 1

Welcome back to a brand-new edition of Social Media Saturday — and Happy Black History Month. Today I am sharing with you 4 tips on how to start launching a new project.

I decided to write about launching a new project because I am in the midst of starting a new young adult ministry called The Process. I have been member of my church since 2008 and in 2015, God finally gave me a vision to create a ministry for young adults. Even though my church is located in Newark, NJ, we don’t have many young adults who attend church regularly. As a young adult, I know how it feels to be unable to find other young adults who have similar interests, views, and struggles. Also, it has been challenging to find a place to meet and engage with other like-minded believers. I am originally from Philadelphia, and though I’ve lived in Jersey for several years, I faced many challenges alone and did not have a ministry within my church to call my own.

However, in 2017, I am proud to say that I will be a part of a historical event for my church as we are set to launch The Process on March 28, at Bethany Baptist Church located at 275 West Market Street, Newark, NJ. The event begins at 7pm sharp and all are welcome to attend.

These are the steps I began with when I began designing the young adult ministry for my church. You can adapt these steps for your own project, event or mission.


Tip 1: Write a Proposal

Your first step should be to write a proposal about what you want to do. Start by writing your thoughts about what you would like to accomplish. As I began the steps of starting this ministry, I wrote a proposal and discussed it with a few church members who were equally excited about creating something to encourage and engage our young adults. On a side note: I recommend being very cautious when sharing your ideas. Unfortunately, there are some people who will take your idea and make it their own. Before I discuss my ideas with anyone, I always pray about it first and ask God to lead me to the right person or group of people.

As for my proposal, it was about 3 pages in length, not lengthy, and I wrote about the need for starting a Young Adult Ministry.


Tip 2: Create Your Program

As I mentioned earlier, God gave me a vision of creating a Young Adult Ministry. I began to design an entire program for our ministry, comprised of a worship service, seminars, workshops, galas, trips, mentor programs, and more. The ministry is for anyone in their 20’s and through their 40’s, with a main focus on spirituality.

When designing a program, aim to make it authentic, creative, and unique to your organization. I have seen many people reinvent the wheel when it came to presenting their new venture to the general public. Make sure you put some creative thought behind it and research your market before you start to create your new program. For instance, I attended several young adult services and programs throughout the tristate area before I designed our ministry’s unique program.

Tip 3: Create Your Team

Designing your team might be challenging unless everyone on your team are paid staff members. Since I am in the process of launching our Young Adult Ministry, no one from my team will be paid. This unpaid endeavor is something my team members all are passionate about, and we’re excited to see the Ministry come into existence and become powerful. When creating your team, find other people who have a passion or interest in the specific field. For example, if you are thinking about starting a Youth Center find people who are passionate about youth, teens, after school programs, education, etc. This will make it easier for you to target people who have similar interests and goals, which will help you to create your perfect dream project.

Tip 4: Conduct Meetings

Once you have your team and project in place, schedule consistent meetings to discuss all the details about your new project. The more productive your meetings are, the more work you are able to accomplish within a certain time frame. Your entire team has to be accountable for whatever project steps you assign to them and for making sure they execute them by the assigned due date. Once you get a certain amount of legwork done, then your team can start to discuss and strategize when to launch your final project.

These are just the initial steps for beginning a new project. It will require dedication, legwork and team work. Look for Part 2 of How to Launch a New Project on the next edition of Social Media Saturday, which premieres on March 18th at 11am ET. In the meantime, make sure you connect with me on social media & visit our website

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