Mai Mazerati is a Jersey Shore girl, born and raised in New Jersey. While attaining her Masters Degree in the study of Hospitality at Fairleigh Dickinson University, she dabbled a bit with music, turning her love for poetry and life experiences into rap verses.

From closets, to living rooms, to studios, Mai progressed in the recording life of a “starving artist”. Creativity held full bars, she also excelled on her career path, gaining valuable business and social experience in several notable hotels.

Mai joined the USL organization, beginning her media journey as a host for the New Music New Jersey show. It is here where she was able to meet and interview Indie Artists, as well as cover unique fashion events.

Mai was also a co-host on a popular web radio broadcast, The Realusion Show, on Wu World Radio.

Mai continues her passion for interviewing by connecting with Indie Artists on her blog, One on One in 10 on the USL Network.

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