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4 Tips on How to Create Your Vision Board

Happy New Year, everyone!  Welcome back to a new edition of Social Media Saturday. I hope that you are having a productive 2017 so far. I have a very strong feeling that this year is going to be amazing. I’m excited to start my new year of Social Media Saturday by showing how to create a vision board.  It’s very important to visually see all your goals and aspirations, and creating a vision board is a great way to do this. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal, spiritual, professional, or educational goal. My vision board keeps me focused on the goals that I set to accomplish throughout the year.  These 4 tips will give you direction and inspiration on how to create the perfect vision board for you.

Tip 1: Brainstorming Ideas

Before you purchase any materials for your vision board, start by brainstorming ideas of what goals you would like to work towards. For instance, I like to create vision boards that include my spiritual, educational, professional, and personal goals. I usually write down 7 to 10 goals for the year.

It’s up to you to decide how to separate your goals from one another. For instance, I like to separate my personal goals from my spiritual goals while other people might categorize them as the same area. But because my relationship with God is very important to me, I like to work on my spiritual goals separately. Some spiritual goals could be to attend Bible Study regularly and to become actively involved in your church. However, some personal goals might be to lose weight or to start a family.  My examples illustrate the way I usually create my vision board. Make sure to take your time during this brainstorming phase and think about what goals you would like to see and help you prosper in 2017.

Tip 2: Materials

Once you discover your goals for 2017, then it’s time to purchase materials for your vision board. You will need poster board, scissors, markers or color pencils, glue, and magazines. You can purchase these items at Dollar Tree if you really want to save money. If you have a few extra dollars to spend, buy them at Family Dollar or even Target. Keep in mind that the pictures you choose from the magazine should resemble images that you have written down in your goals.

Tip 3: Be Honest & Realistic

Once you have all the materials and  images of what you would like to see on your board, it’s time to start creating. There’s really no one way to do this, so use your imagination.  Start out with your images and place them where you would like to see them on the board. But take time to be realistic and honest with the images you select. For example, some people will put an image of wanting to purchase a house, but know they have bad credit or don’t make enough money. If you desire to purchase a home, then maybe you need to spend time consolidating and paying off your bills first. Before you can even think about purchasing a house, your credit score must be “decent” in order to qualify for a good mortgage rate and loan. Yes, it may take you over a year to paydown your debts, but at least this is a goal that you are working towards. By the end of the year, you should start to see substantial amount of improvement with your credit score. So, it’s more realistic to place the goal of paying off debts and saving money onto your vision board first.


Tip 4:  The Finished Project

Once your vision board is completed, place it in a picture frame and hang it in your bedroom or in your office. Some people believe if they see their vision board each day, it will keep them motivated to attain their goals for the year. In fact, some people hold vision board parties to present and discuss their visions for the year. But I would advise you to be cautious about who you share your vision with, as I believe that life and death is in the power of the tongue. Be sure you don’t let others undermine your goals and visions for yourself.

Creating a vision board can help give you clarity about setting goals. Use your vision board as a reminder to keep working towards your goals and watch your dreams prosper.

We’d love to see your finished vision boards! Post your photos of your vision boards and tag us on Instagram (Social Media Saturday) or Twitter (@SMSaturday) and use the #smsaturday hashtag. We can’t wait to see what you’ve created.

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