Boasting an irresistible blend of pop and R&B, Montreal’s Rime Salmi brings a universal approach to making music. Born to Moroccan parents but raised in Canada, Salmi writes and performs songs in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, earning the artist airplay in Canada, Japan, Italy,  and the Middle East, where her 2009 collaboration with Karl Wolf, “Yalla Habibi,” topped the charts. Following the success of subsequent singles “Stop” and “Crazy Times,” Salmi released her debut EP, Flaw’d, in 2014. 

Salmi recently released the visuals to “Made It” and it has amassed over 4.8 million views on her Facebook page. “Made It” is a powerful and unique musical statement infused with global influences inspired by her Moroccan heritage. Featuring vivid lyrical imagery of breaking free from restrictive walls of a conservative cultural background while not losing her sense of identity and seeing beyond insecurities to achieve greatness, “Made It” is a singular artistic statement from one of the most unique voices in pop music. 

“Made It” highlights the multitalented performer’s ability to tap into modern sensibilities without sacrificing her singular artistic vision, combining electronic instrumentation with lush organic elements all in service of her passionate vocal range.

The track effectively accompanies the gorgeous short film it scores, directed with ample style by Véronique Bossé. It also showcases the many talents of Rime Salmi, who portrays multiple characters in the film with effortless skill. The short film for “Made It” will soon be followed by two more, completing a trilogy of connected narratives all scored by Salmi’s music.

Check out “Made It” below:



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