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How Can Artists Make Their Brand Shine Above The Rest?


Welcome back to another edition of Social Media Saturday, I can’t believe it is almost the end of the year and fall has begun. This year, I had some great opportunities to attend and travel to indie music conferences throughout the New Jersey-New York Metropolitan areas. One thing I noticed while attending these events with almost each indie artist, was the inability to see their brand shine above a room full of other artist. Today, I would like to share with you 4 tips on how to make your brand shine above the rest.

Tip 1: Your Pitch

Being indie artist has advantages and disadvantages that comes with the nature of the job. However, I noticed most artists don’t know how to pitch themselves to others, especially when trying to attract companies to invest into their brand. As a business owner, I have learned how to pitch my business in 30 seconds, this has allowed the person to determine whether they want to invest into my brand or not. If you haven’t done so yet, invest time into creating and practicing your 30 second pitch, you never know when you could run into music executives and/or potential sponsors.

Tip 2: Business cards

It is very important to always have business cards on hand when you are attending a conference. You never know who you might meet. Your business cards should have the following information: website address, social media connects, and contact information. Business cards makes you and your brand look both professional and reputable.  This is also the first step into making a business connection, you never know when you might run into and if that person is the key to getting your brand to the next level.

Tip 3: Let Me Upgrade You

We are living in digital age, you must have a website. I still find that most artists I meet don’t have a website. If cost or lack of ability are a factor, USL designs websites for artists as low as $500, this is an affordable and necessary investment. It is very imperative that you have digital presence because at the end of the day like the old saying, “time is money.” Most people don’t have the time to search for your music and if they can’t find you, then you have lost the interest of building your fan base, potential sponsors and/or catching the attention of industry executives. Your website should have updated content, pictures, music, contact information and active social media platforms. If you won’t make the time to invest in your brand’s image, how do you expect any business to take the time to invest into you?

Tip 4: Building Relationships

Attending conferences, it’s all about building relationships. Some of the biggest names in my business rolodex are from this year alone just by attending conferences and networking events. This is why it’s so important that you email and connect to the people you meet on social media immediately. If you find there is a lack of response, pick up the phone and call. In order to get where you want to be, you need to go after it and not wait for it to come to you.

I hope that you enjoyed me sharing 4 tips on how to make your brand shine above the rest. Well, that’s it for this edition of Social Media Saturday, my next blog premieres on Saturday, November 19th at 11am ET. For the meantime make sure you connect with me on social media & visit our website www.urbansocialitesnj.com

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