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5 Tips on How to Evolve Into an Effective Leader

Becoming an effective leader doesn’t happen overnight. There are areas beyond what you might think are typical ways to be a leader, and some of these involve personal growth.  For those of you don’t know me, I am Ayasha Roberson, the CEO of Urban SociaLites, LLC. I established my company in 2010, originally focusing on the primary needs of black professionals and business owners in Monmouth County, NJ. However, since then my company has evolved into a global entertainment marketing firm providing services to members of the entertainment industry. Since starting my business, not only have I evolved into a better leader, but a better person. I believe if you are a business owner or if you hold any leadership position you should have the desire to grow and to change for the better. In today’s post, I will be sharing 5 tips that have helped me to become an effective leader.


Tip 1: Find Spirituality

The world we are living in today has largely removed spirituality or the word God from everything that we do. However, because I implement God into everything that I do, it has allowed me to become a good person and an effective leader for my business. When I say that I implement God into everything I do, it doesn’t mean that I walk around talking about God all day; that would annoy me, let alone everyone else.  When I say God is in everything that I do, it just means I am always focused on God.

Every morning, one of the first things I do before I start my day is pray and read a couple of scriptures from the bible. Most recently, I started to participate in a prayer line Monday thru Friday that helps gives me guidance throughout my very intense work week. Because my life is so focused on God, it has helped me not to focus on the negative behaviors, reactions and actions of others. In return, spirituality has helped me to understand people, life, and even myself. The ultimate reward is that this focus has made my relationship with God stronger which has made it easier for me to cope with life stressors. Spirituality has played a major a role in my life and it has helped me to be an effective leader.



Tip 2: Pursue a Healthy Lifestyle

I feel that it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle so you can work to your full potential. I start my day at 5am Monday through Saturday every week, so I need to focus on being healthy. Three months ago, I started to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. As far as water is concerned, when it comes to my healthy lifestyle, I usually drink 1 quart of Smart Water or Fuji daily. If you can’t afford to purchase Smart Water or Fuji, you can drink any bottled or filtered water. The more you weigh, the more water you are supposed to consume on a daily basis.  Check with your nutritionist or physician to find out how much to drink daily. In addition, I take vitamins daily to stay healthy and to build up my resistance and immune system.  I also work out 3 to 4 times a week.  My workout regime consists of a power walk or light jog in a nearby park or a cardio workout which consists of doing Pilates, jumping jacks, squats, and upper body workout with free weights. I have lost 20 pounds since May and feel healthier. I believe that my healthy lifestyle change has given me an advantage towards making better business decisions. You only have one body, so take care of it.

Tip 3: Develop Patience

Having patience is something that most of us struggle with. Even I struggle and become impatient, especially when I am in a rush. However, developing patience will help us to better understand our business and the needs of our customers. I know that it is a challenge to be patient especially when the customer doesn’t know what they want, even though they know they need your service. For example, they may spend a lengthy amount of time trying to decide if the colors on their home page look right, or what concept they should use for their website. In these kinds of situations, we have to be patient while the customer tries to figure out what they want and make their decision. Once the customer has decided, they will notice you were patient with them, which they may not be used to. In the long run, the customer will return to purchase additional products or refer more business to you. We are living in a world in which everyone is in rush. Being patient allows your brand to stand out above the rest. As the saying goes, “Patience is a Virtue.”

Tip 4: Be a Listener

As business owners, it seems like everyone – employees, customers, even other associates –  comes to us to solve any problem that occurs. In a leadership position, we are trained to be good problem solvers. But I think as business owners we need to work on becoming good listeners. This will help us to be effective leaders not just with our customers, but in our relationships with our mates, families, friends, and even in our communities.  Take time to listen to what your customers and/or clients are saying about your business. I know that most big companies can’t take the time to listen to their customer’s issues. However, when running a small business, your brand can be unique because you can create a closeness with your customers that other large businesses cannot do because of their size. Through your small business, you can create a sense of understanding which will make your customers appreciate the fact that you care about them and listen to their problems.


Tip 5: Ask For Feedback

I am an unusual business owner as I love to receive feedback from my staff as to how we can improve and how I can become a better leader. I have been told by my staff and other business owners that most business owners don’t allow their staff to engage with them in that way. My perspective is that I absolutely love change. I do not want to ever get to the point in my career or in life that I think I know it all. There is always room for improvement in any position. I don’t believe that you have to be a leader to evolve. You should become a better “You” in any position that you are in. It doesn’t matter if you are a housekeeper or executive chef you should be evolving as a person. However, if you are in a leadership position, change comes with the territory of being an effective leader. If you don’t like to change, then you should not have a leadership position.

As a business owner, I hold individual staff meetings, and during them I receive feedback. I suggest that when you allow your staff to engage with you this way, they feel comfortable and safe while providing you with constructive criticism or feedback that can help take your skills to new levels. However, this component can only be effective if you have a supportive, respectful, and safe environment which encourages this type of feedback. If your workplace doesn’t support this kind of component, then I would suggest beginning monthly team building trainings for you and your staff. Within a 6-month timeframe, you’ll start seeing a change in you and your team.

In addition, I routinely attend conferences, seminars, and training that focus on multiple areas such as social media, leadership, small business, marketing, etc. There are many places that offer training on various topics, including Eventbrite, or a local college.

I hope that you will begin implementing these 5 helpful tips into your life. As you move forward in these areas, you will become a more effective leader, which will ultimately strengthen your brand. Next month marks our 1-year anniversary of Social Media Saturday. I look forward to giving you more tips on how to make your brand cool, hip, and colorful. Thank you so much for your consistent support. My next blog post premieres on Saturday, August 20th at 11am ET.  If you have any comments or questions, please email me ayasha@urbansocialitesnj.com and remember to connect with us on social media

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Ayasha Roberson started Urban SociaLites, LLC in June of 2010, she holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from Richard Stockton College and Masters Degree in Administrative Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Every 3rd and 5th Saturday check out her blog Social Media Saturday as Ayasha provides you with helpful tips of how to make your brand cool, hip, and colorful.

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