Emile Danero, also known on social media as “#blackpharaoh”, is a hip-hop artist born in Jamaica Queens, New York. Moving from New York to Delaware at a young age, Emile spent many of his younger years abroad. Living in both the United States and Europe, he was able to experience different cultures and ways of life which has allowed him to have a resourceful outlook on life which he brilliantly conveys through his music.

The rapper’s reality seems to have been as dark and as versatile as his music. With his inspiration being such names as Mozart, Tupac Shakur and Nirvana, it’s easy to tell that his material can be as normal or as abnormal as possible at any given moment. His music repertoire ranges from soft harmonizing music to hardcore and disturbing and even sometimes controversial lyrics.

The 25 year old American born artist with a West-Indian and Venezuelan family background, has demonstrated dedication and determination, working diligently in the studio to make sure his hard work pays off and it has. Emile’s sound has matured through the years and he has been nominated as the “Most Original Male Artist” by the Underground Music Awards (UMAS). You may have heard his music on BET, Shade 45 Radio, Worldstar Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine, XXL Magazine and more.

His first widely recognized hit single titled “Tell me part 2” which features Candice Brook from BET reality show “About The Business”, Hit national radio and television in 2016.




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