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4 Tips on How to Become an Effective Leader

As a business owner, I believe that it is very important to be open to change and growth in order to become an effective leader.  However, sometimes we reach a stage in our leadership role where we act like we know everything and can’t accept any constructive criticism. Personally, I have become the opposite, always wanting to think, act, and do better as a leader.  Therefore, on today’s edition of Social Media Saturday, I will share with you four tips on how to become an effective leader.

Tip 1: Be A Good Listener

Sometimes it’s challenging to listen to the feedback of others. As a leader, it is often easier to give direction than it is to receive it from others.  As you grow and become an effective leader, you’ll want to develop good listening skills. Don’t always be in a rush to respond to what is being said.  Listen very carefully to what is being said, even write down bullet points from the conversation if you can. Then take your time to process everything that was said before responding. Once you have taken some time to process everything, your response will be more effective, which will then help resolve the problem or issue.

Tip 2: Growing Pains

I believe each person goes through certain stages of their life called “Growing Pains.” The same process applies to those who are in a leadership position. Our growing pains sometimes emerge as we evolve into becoming a better leader. For instance, I am right now going through a transitional stage. I recently had to reorganize some aspects of my brand. At first, it was extremely frustrating to know that I had redo the majority of this process all over again, after I spent a considerable amount of time work on it.  Growing pains can be a very uncomfortable process because you are growing and changing at the same time. This process also can be filled with emotion. You might need to cry it out to get yourself centered and focused before you can move forward. Overall, this stage is necessary for your growth to ultimately become an effective leader in all aspects of your life.

Tip 3: Mentor

Mentors are essential to your growth especially when you are in a leadership position. I suggest finding a mentor who understands business and who will guide you along the way. Some people have hired business coaches to help them with making the right financial or branding decisions for their companies or organizations.  I have met many businesses owners who are a one woman or one man show. They often have nobody there to help give them direction that’s necessary to become an effective leader and to take their business to the next level. Unfortunately, some of these individuals have wasted years not having the right supportive structure set up at the beginning stages of their businesses. As a result, they ended up investing their money and time poorly.  Some people turn to a family member or a friend as a coach or mentor. I am not particularly fond of this idea unless the individual has a strong business background and can emotionally detach themselves as your best friend, sister, mom, dad, brother, or uncle. When they are in the position as your coach or mentor, they need to think of you as their client, about what’s in your best interest, and not about themselves.

Tip 4: Communication

In a leadership position, you have to communicate with your team on consistent basis. As small business owners, we don’t get any days off. We work on some aspect of our business seven days a week.  Communication is key to having effective leadership skills. In this digital era, we are able to communicate with fans, customers, and clients seven days a week. This may take the form of sending out emails about exclusive services and sales, or posting new content on social media. We need to also communicate effectively with our team as well, especially when we are trying to get the job done. I always tell my staff that if the words you write in an email aren’t being communicated effectively, then pick up the phone and discuss the project with your team member.  Overall, there are no excuses why you can’t communicate more effectively, which will ultimately help you to become an effective leader.

I hope that these tips will help you on your way to becoming an effective leader. I enjoyed sharing them with you. The next edition of Social Media Saturday will be coming up on Saturday, June 18th at 11am ET. If you have any comments or questions, please email me ayasha@urbansocialitesnj.com and be sure to connect with us on social media at the following:

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