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After being in business for almost six years, like most other small businesses, we have evolved since the very beginning. Recently, we decided to restructure our brand, and like any other project, this is something that has to be very well organized.  It is sometimes difficult to do especially when you don’t feel like you have to time do it properly. Therefore, on today’s edition of Social Media Saturday, I will provide you with 4 simple steps on how to organize the restructure of your brand.

Tip 1:  Business Plan

Towards the end of the last year, I made the decision to revise my company’s business plan. Our company had evolved from a business that initially provided services to assist black professionals and small businesses in New Jersey to a global entertainment marketing firm.  Needless to say, my entire business and marketing plan to had to be rewritten. It took me quite some time to do this, but I finally got it completed by February of this year.  By revising my business plan and then evaluate it with my team, it allowed for me to direct my attention on the new innovative strategies that our team needs to focus on. The business plan is the roadmap that help gives your company guidance on growing revenue.

Tip 2: Understanding Your Company’s Cash Flow

It is crucial when you’re in business to understand the overall cash flow financial forecast of how revenue should be consistently generated. I always suggest when creating your business plan, you should also create a cash flow analysis which will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the investing, operating, and financing activities of your business. Here’s an example of cash flow analysis:

Cash Flow Financial Statement 2016

Tip 3: Identify Key Roles and Functions

Once your business plan is completed, next identify and define key roles and functions of your team. As your company starts to evolve, you will have to identify new roles and functions for additional staff or take away previous responsibilities to reorganize the structure of the company.  In order to successfully accomplish this goal, you will have to create an organizational chart. Here’s an example of a chart below:

Example of Organizational Structure

You can create this chart on Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. Once the chart is completed, I would introduce and go over it with your team so that each person can visually understand the structure of the company. In addition, I believe it is good for staff to see everyone’s role and function when it comes to the organizational structure of your company.

Tip 4: Your Visual Presentation

Anytime we are restructuring our brand internally, we have to make sure that it is reflected externally as well. If you are already have a website created for your company, then you will need to reorganize the information on your website to reflect the new vision of your company. You want make sure that anyone who lands onto your website understands the new direction of your company. This should be reflective on all of your social media channels as well.


I hope that these tips will help you get started on the process of restructuring your brand. I enjoyed sharing them with you as well. The next edition of Social Media Saturday will be coming up on Saturday, May 21st at 11am ET. If you have any comments or questions, please email me ayasha@urbansocialitesnj.com & connect with us on social media

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