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How to Develop Your Personal Brand


On this edition of Social Media Saturday, I decided to write about developing your personal brand.  I’ve recently come to understand how important it is to work on your own personal brand.  Yes, I have been writing blogs for the past several months, but never really wanted to develop on my own brand. At first, I didn’t feel like my personal brand was very important and instead focused my attention on developing the brands of my company and clients. I also admit that I am on the shy side and don’t like appearing in front of the camera at all. However, I recently had a revelation that I need to work on my own personal brand first, as that will help me to take my company to the next level.

Today’s post is Part 1 of How to Develop Your Personal Brand.

Tip 1: Write Your Bio

The first thing you need to do is write your personal bio. One of my suggestions is to write your bio like you are telling a story about yourself. If you are a good storyteller, then you will not find it challenging to write your own story. On the other hand, if you are not a good storyteller, you can start by making your bio sound fun, creative, innovative, and unique.  Your goal, as I tell my clients, is to create a brand that is catchy, memorable, and relatable. Now, I am not telling you to write a story about yourself that’s not true. But when someone reads your bio, it shouldn’t sound stiff, boring, or stale. You want your bio to attract customers and businesses to your brand.

Tip 2: Hire an Editor or Proofreader

I recommend investing your money in hiring a proofreader or an editor to review your bio or any promotional materials you are creating. I know that most people are on a budget and feel that they cannot afford to a hire an editor or proofreader as a consultant. Many business owners will first turn to family members or a perhaps a college student who will edit or proofread their business material for free. But if this person is not a professional editor, they will likely miss certain grammatical or spelling errors. The last thing you want to do is post your bio on social media or your website, or have it sent to colleagues or potential clients and then find out it has errors in it. You want to appeal to people who will take you and your brand seriously.  I urge you to hire an editor as a consultant today. I can recommend Mary Ellen Landolfi, the owner of Word Spiral Media, LLC. She is fantastic! I have been using her services since December and her rates are very reasonable for any small to medium-sized business. Check out her website at http://www.wordspiralmedia.com/

Tip 3: Hiring a Professional Photographer

Most people today love to take pictures from their phones, then use the same picture as a headshot for their entire brand. Despite what your cell phone carrier tells you, the pictures that you take with your phone have poor digital quality. You need to find a professional photographer that will take great photos for your brand at a reasonable price. If you already have a professional photographer in mind, that’s great; you are already ahead of the game. But if you don’t, then you need to search for a photographer who will work within your budget.  In addition, your professional pictures should be less than one year old. If not, you should make it a priority to have fresh and new photos taken of yourself as soon as possible. The last thing you want to people say when they see you for the first time is that you look “very different” from your photo.

Tip 4: Photograph on Location

Finding a location for a photo shoot can sometimes be a challenge to accomplish so I suggest that clients lock in spots three months ahead of time. For instance, most people will think of public places to take photos, such as the beach, park or playground. Nowadays, things have changed tremendously from a security standpoint and most places require individuals to have a permit when utilizing their property for photo shoots. As the weather gets warm and spring is upon us, more and more people will be doing activities outside. If you are thinking about doing a photo shoot indoors or outside, you may need to ask for permission or go through the process of obtaining a permit to utilize the property.  Sometimes a permit may take up to 2 to 3 months before you are approved. To avoid this pitfall from occurring when you are scheduling the location of your shoot, start the process as early as possible.

Tip 5: Your Style

Deciding what you want to wear is key to developing your personal brand.  You can always purchase a bunch of fashion magazines, read the latest fashion trends blogs for the particular season, or you can hire an image consultant. However, if you don’t have enough money to hire an image consultant or a stylist, I would suggest approaching a family member, friend, or even a colleague who has a natural eye when it comes to fashion to help you to create the look that you want for your personal brand. But if you have an enough money in your budget, then I would suggest that you hire a stylist and/or image consultant to help you complete and accomplish your look.

I know that when you consider all the details that go into developing personal brands, you start to think about all the costs involved.  Instead of focusing on how expensive the process can be, recognize how these steps will add value to your brand and understand the positive outcome it will have. I am a small business owner as well, so I do understand the cost and value of getting your brand to the next level.

I really enjoyed sharing with you these five tips on How to Develop Your Personal Brand. Part 2 of this series continues on Saturday, April 16th at 11am ET. In the meantime, make sure you connect with us on social media:

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