With a new line up and more recordings planned for 2016, The Updraft Imperative are excited to announce the release of their new single, Pieces of My Past on 16th February 2016.

Lyricist and vocalist Josh Kerr explains; “Pieces of My Past was written as a reminder that life isn’t easy for any of us, and that for those who are finding things particularly difficult we should offer support; not cast judgement. We inadvertently put pressure on those most needing our help when we imply that they need to ‘sort their lives out’.

Pieces of My Past was written with a new Christian in mind, who is frustrated by these pressures. They want to explain that they long to be able to win the battles they are fighting, but that it’s hard. They know they need God’s Grace and the support of the people around them to finally overcome their past, to move on from being someone who is frustrated to being someone with hope.”

Respected UK music reviewer, Sam Liddicott commented that Pieces of My Past “…is instantly memorable: the initial notes and moments hit the mark; get right inside the mind… a cascade of flowing strings and teasing percussion- the introduction settles in and builds the atmosphere- there is an underlying sense of funk and dance; something quite toe-tapping and exciting. Mixing Jazz and Funk elements; some Rock and Pop sounds- it is a complex and mesmeric beginning.”

The single was recorded and produced by James North and will be accompanied by a music video produced in association with Wattle Media. The video is also due for release on 16.02.2016.

The band are offering fans of their music an exclusive opportunity to view the video ahead of the release date, simply by joining their mailing list via their website www.theupdraftimperative.com

Pieces of My Past will be available for download from iTunes and Google Play. Links to which can be found on The Updraft Imperative website at www.theupdraftimperative.com



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