C.J. Watson, was born In Portland, Oregon in the Concordia and Woodlawn neighborhoods and raised in Dallas, Texas in the South Oak Cliff neighborhood. Brought up by his mother, grandmother, and R&B/Soul music. He combines his Pacific Northwest roots with his down South upbringing to give the audience a mixture of sounds that can only be heard through Watson’s unique low-pitch. C.J. has been described as ‘political’, ‘militant’, and his music has been called, “Needed” by blog site Hip-Hop Clock while other media outlets has called his music, “Music with a message”. C.J.

Watson often uses real-life experiences to ‘paint a picture’ in his songs. The use of assonance, alliteration, and double entendre are heavily used in C.J. Watson’s music. C.J. fell in love with music at three different times. First in the church, where his mother sang in the choir. Watson quickly understood how to compose and write lyrics. At that same time he learned how music can touch people. The second time came when he first heard the smooth voice of Anita Baker while listening to his grandmother’s records. The singing stayed with C.J. and carries into his music today.

The third instance of C.J. and his love for music was in the Summer of 1995 when his uncle introduced him to Nas and The Notorious B.I.G. That day C.J. and his uncle listened to the entire Illmatic and Ready to Die albums. From that moment on, C.J. began writing songs, but had no instrumentals, so his lyrics quickly turned into poetry. C.J. Watson has said, “I have always been a poet, I just finally put it to music.” You can still hear C.J.’s poetic ways in the structure of his verses and the emphasis on certain words in his ‘flow’ while his physical size and lisp has got him comparisons to the late-great Notorious B.I.G.. C.J. Watson is very politically aware and celebrates knowledge and education especially in the African-American communities which draws comparisons to the hip-hop duo Dead Prez, rapper/activist/actor David Banner, and rapper Immortal Technique. His motto of “Stay Black” is known throughout his college campus of Texas A&M University-Commerce, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech commutations.

While attending Texas A&M University-Commerce, Watson quickly befriended many artists, producers, and engineers, where he begin to perfect his craft and take music more serious. While on the A&M-Commerce campus, Watson worked in radio as a freelance producer and on-air personality which helped him to learn the business side of the music industry. C.J. also began to gain more knowledge in the classroom, which has led to his sometimes complex and diverse lyrics. He is extremely conscious of issues in society, and is not afraid of speaking the truth when times are unjust. While his upbringing of mostly women gives him a different view point on topics like love, sex, family, and religion which can always be found in C.J.’s music. C.J. Watson is an artist that truly knows the meaning of being Young, Black, & Educated!


To connect with CJ Watson you can follow him on twitter at www.twitter.com/bigceasa on facebook at www.facebook.com/Chris.J.watson and on instagram at www.instagram.com/iamcjwatson


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