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How to build an effective team for your brand

By Ayasha Roberson https://twitter.com/ayasha7

Today I want to write about building an effective team, which is essential to any business, especially in the age of social media. Many professionals, business owners, and even artists struggle to find key players that want to help grow their business. Below you will find 5 easy tips to help you find, grow, and maintain a team that will strengthen your brand.


Tip 1: Creating Your Team

Think of the different skills that are essential to your company in the present and for it’s growth in the future. Many times when we think of creating a team, we begin to name people who would want to be on our team instead of thinking of the different skills that each person can bring to the team. When creating an effective team for your brand, think of the positive effect that your team can bring to your business, the community, and ultimately the world. It is very important that you create a team who’s skill set is different from yours. You should not be the smartest person on your team.



Tip 2: Understanding the Value of Your Team

Having a team is very important to the existence of your company. However, your team must understand the mission of your company and be dedicated to the cause. I have worked with many non-profit organizations, that have 10 people listed on the board of directors, but only three people on the board are doing most of the work. This can lead to fatigue, burn out, and people quitting because they have lost sight of your company’s vision. As leaders, we need to keep ourselves healthy and strong and we have to find individuals that understand the vision and sees the benefit of being a part of your brand. My company (USL) routinely have has a staff meeting once a month to discuss overall objectives, progress, current projects, and future endeavors. Having monthly staff meetings has eliminated a lot of confusion and allowed us to tactfully execute our goals in a timely manner.



Tip 3: There’s is No “I” in Team

We are living in an egotistical society, where everybody loves saying “I did this and I did that.” But as a team leader, we have to take the word “I” out of our vocabulary say and instead use words such as we or us. I know that it is very difficult to do this, especially if you are doing most of or all of the work. Still, we have to condition ourselves by using plurals when are speaking to others about our business. In addition to that, as you start to grow your team you would want them use the same language as you. At the end of the day, there is no “I” in the word team.






Tip 4: Social Media

In order to appeal to the masses you must have social media plans integrated into your brand. However, I would not suggest for an intern to handle the social media for your company because the intern is temporary and may not have a full understanding of the value of your brand. Remember that whoever has control of your company’s social media is the gatekeeper, and decides what comes in and what goes out. Be very cautious of who you allow to handle any social media channels for your company. Social Media isn’t just posting content to get likes or retweets, it’s a consistent strategy of appealing to the people inside and outside your target group. Develop a social media marketing plan to integrate into your company’s strategy and you will see your team grow.


Tip 5: Good Old Fashion Networking

The digital age has made networking even more viable in today’s world that you and your team attend free networking events to help add new members and simultaneously promote your brand. You should see what free conferences are available to you in your area. Attending free seminars and conferences, may also help you learn new and creative strategies while connecting with other professionals from your region.


I hope that you enjoyed this edition of Social Media Saturday. Thank you for taking the time out of your business schedule to read about how you can build an effective team. I look forward to helping you next Saturday at 10am ET. Until then make sure you connect with us on social media.

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