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4 tips to effectively deal with conflict in the workplace

Business owners are always dealing with multiple responsibilities each day when running and managing their company. So when it comes to dealing with conflict in the workplace, it is our least thing to address. It seems like anytime you deal with conflict, no matter how big or small the problem it consumes the majority of your time and attention. Addressing conflict with staff is challenging and somewhat stressful, but as a business owner, dealing with conflict is part of the job description and there is no way around it. The 4 tips that follow will show you how to handle that conflict and turn into positive energy.

Tip 1: The Issue

Whenever I deal with conflict in the workplace, I first find out what the issue is before figuring out whether I need to get involved. I find in some cases that the problem can be dealt with by a manager. However, there are some cases where conflict becomes too big for management to handle and the owner must intervene. Start by listening to the issue, then figure out the best way to handle the problem.


Tip 2: The Sit Down

Whenever I have a major problem with one of my employees, I arrange a sit down meeting. The sit down is time consuming, so if you are thinking about scheduling one, make sure you block out a good chuck of your time. The objective of the sit down is to hear both sides of the story, to discuss the problem, and to figure out how to resolve the issue. My mamma always say, “There is always two sides to a story.” Personally, I like to hear both sides of the story so I can have all the facts before figuring out a solution. First, schedule individual sit downs with each staff member before scheduling a “group sit down” with all parties involved. This approach allows everyone to share their side without feeling intimidated and to hopefully come to a compromise.


Tip 3: The Commitment

In every relationship there is a commitment, and you must make this known to your staff. They should already feel like they are a part of your team and that they are valued. If anyone has communicated to you that they feels unappreciated, then there maybe something wrong with the quality of leadership. Happy workers produce higher quality work, so you will have to address company morale before you resolve the initial problem. Keep in mind though, that some work place4s will always have people that are unhappy, but that unhappiness is caused by the person and not the work environment. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about someone else being miserable. The main point is that after your sit down, you want your staff/team to feel a commitment from you and to in turn be committed to the brand.


Tip 4: Social Media

Dealing with conflict in our modern world has led to people blurting out their problems online. Unfortunately, that also applies to problems at work. I believe that wh4n we act on emotions, we are not thinking rationally. Many of us will tell almost anybody how we feel when we are upset, so it make sense that we would immediately go to our phone and log onto our social media accounts to talk about our boss, coworkers, etc. We don’t even realize that we are doing more harm than good. Remember that anything negative that you post about your job never gets erased…even if its “deleted”. More than ever, employers are monitoring info that their employees post onto social media, so like my dad used to say “You must thin before you react!” Or in this case “Think before you click!” If the issue at your workplace are that stressful, then I suggest that you to talk to Human Resources and seek professional counseling. Sometimes just talking to someone makes you feel better and it may help you develop better problem solving skills that may diffuse future disagreements.

Well that’s it for Social Media Saturday, I enjoyed providing these 4 tips and I hope that it makes it a little easier to deal with any conflict at the workplace or even at home. I look forward to next Saturday and continuing to help make your brand shine above the rest. In the meantime, make sure you connect with us on social media:







































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