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By Ayasha Roberson

Back to school is here and it is time for us to roll out our Fall edition of Jerz Life Fashion Blog. In this edition, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Kathryn Carter, author of the amazing children’s book, “Summertime with Lizzie B Hayes”. This book simply captures the fun loving adventures of Lizzie’s childhood.

Since the release of Ms. Carter first book, “Summertime with Lizzie B Hayes”, she has sold over 200 copies of her book. KP Carter has traveled to schools, libraries and books stores speaking about and selling her wonderful children’s book. Enough said by me and without further ado, I bring to you Ms. Kathryn Carter.

Ayasha Roberson: Thank you, Kathryn, for taking the time to talk me about your exciting children’s book, “Summertime with Lizzy B. Hayes”. Also, I want to know about your company and how you’d come to brand yourself.

Kathryn Carter: Thank you Ayasha for this interview.

Ayasha Roberson: Let me start by asking this question, “Who is KP Carter Writes?”

Kathryn Carter: KP Carter Writes is my brand name. In today’s world, it is so important to create and cultivate your brand. Professionally, I am a licensed reading specialist and principal certified in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from Johnson C. Smith in Charlotte, NC and my Master of Education degree in Reading from Kutztown State College in Kutztown, PA. As a lifelong educator with over 25 years in the classroom, I am a passionate literacy advocate. The last 6 years were spent in school administration in an urban school district in Northern New Jersey.

Ayasha Roberson: What inspired you to write this book?

Kathryn Carter: Keeping a diary throughout my childhood and journaling into adult hood has always been a part of me. Writing this book is my way of sharing stories, educating and reaching readers and highlighting a significant time period of our country’s history through the innocent eyes of a child.


Ayasha Roberson: What inspired you to create the KP Carter Writes Brand?

Kathryn Carter: Initially, I just wanted to tell funny stories that were relatable to children. I have always thought of myself as a writer of the heart. As a lifelong educator, I decided to share my expertise.

Although my debut book is not totally biographical, it is based on things I have seen, places I have been, and people I know.

Back then, times were different. Many families gathered around the table for meals and when the street lights came on, it signaled that is was time to go home. Although the main character’s parents are divorced, and she spends her formative years with her grandparents, Lizzie’s home is filled with love.

I hope my book is an inspiration to both children and adults to let them know that life is adventuresome, families come in many forms, and you can overcome adversity. My book shares this prospective through the eyes of a child.

I give credit to my parents and grandparents who instilled in us to be proud of you are. They encouraged me to do well in school. I believe these are principles for all children. I believe in order to achieve happiness, you have to like who you are, be satisfied with yourself, and never forget where and how you grew up.

Ayasha Roberson: Can you tell me a little about the Book?

Kathryn Carter: My book, Summertime with Lizzie B. Hayes is a story about some of my childhood experiences as a child. Lizzie, like me, came of age during the 1960’s in Newark, NJ. My book is written to enlighten and encourage people to read about this time period through the eyes of a child. The target age group is 8-12. I want my book to teach young people, especially African-Americans, about life during that time period. Playing jacks, jumping rope, fitting skates over our sneakers are just some of the fun things we did against a back drop of poverty and inequality.

When we think about this era, we initially think of protesting, civil disobedience, rioting, shootings, and other violent occurrences. You rarely hear about a child’s experience, thoughts, feelings, and family dynamics during this era. Children were often seen and not heard. They often had to make sense of the world through listening to the whispers of their elders. It’s rare to learn about this time period through the eyes of a child. My book captures the perceptive of a child’s life during this era.

Ayasha Roberson: What can people expect from KP Carter Writes through the end of 2015?

Kathryn Carter: I am in the process of writing my second book. It follows Lizzie on her adventures when she returns to school in the fall.

Also, Kathy’s Corner, my new blog premiers on Tuesday, September 29th at 10 a.m. EST. Twice a month on the second and final Tuesday of the month, I will share research and discuss ways to support and develop literacy in school, at home, and in the community. As Director of Language Arts and Testing, I oversee the implementation of language arts curriculum for students in grades K-12. Everything I do is geared toward lifting the level literacy in the lives of children and ensuring that students possess the necessary literacy skills to be successful in life. My charge is to ensure that students read well, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and think critically.

The goal is to empower parents and other caring adults to advocate for children’s education; help educators strengthen literacy skills and home-school partnerships; and promote a lifelong love of literacy. As a parent of two adult sons, I understand the importance of advocating for your child, collaborating with teachers, and finding ways to get children excited about literacy.

Kathryn Carter: My fall calendar is full of exciting book signing events and workshop presentations. Please make sure to visit my website http://lizzie-b-hayes.com/ for all of my book tour dates. One special event is scheduled for November 14th & 15th. I am scheduled to make a presentation to the New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL). This annual event is located in Long Branch. My topic is: Teaching Historical Information through a Narrative Text, which is what my book, Summertime with Lizzie B Hayes, is all about. I will lead educators through interactive, hands on experiences and share relevant historical stories worth telling through narrative text. Insights on the standards and developing students who are ready for college and careers will also be featured. One benefit of the standards is to prepare students to be ready for college and a career. That means students must be able to read informational texts, understand complex texts, engage in challenging vocabulary, and think critically. My book is an excellent resource. Although it is in narrative form, historical information is shared in a way that students can access. Additionally, a teaching guide is in development.

Ayasha Roberson: Where can parents go to help their children becoming better readers?

Kathryn Carter: Being able to read is a life skill and should be nurtured at a young age. Take your children and visit a local bookstore. There are a huge variety of books and lots of places to visit and to engage in literacy activities. If you are watching your budget, like most of us, story time at book store or the local library is the place for you. Try looking for books at a garage sale where books are moderately priced. Your local library is another great source to read or borrow a book. In this information age, it is important to engage students through digital text. My next book will be available in both print and digital format.

Ayasha Roberson: Where can people go to purchase your book?

Kathryn Carter: You can go to my website www.lizzie-b-hayes.com to purchase my book. Connect with me on social media: https://www.facebook.com/SummertimeWithLizzieBHayes & https://twitter.com/kpcarterauthor I am available to come to schools, community organizations, and parent informational sessions to do workshops and informational sessions. Depending on the audience, I read excerpts of my book and engage participants in lively literacy discussions and activities.



Ayasha Roberson: Thank you Ms. Carter, I’ve learned a lot about how important literacy is especially in the lives of young children. I look forward to reading your book and knowing about your future projects.

Ayasha Roberson: To my audience, I would like to thank you for reading our special interview with Ms. Kathryn Carter of KP Carter Writes, LLC. It has been a phenomenal to experience the KP Carter Brand. Don’t forget to check out Kathy’s Corner Blog premieres every other Tuesday starting September 29th at 10am EST , Log onto her website at http://lizzie-b-hayes.com/

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