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In this edition of Social Media Saturday, I will be sharing with you 5 helpful tips on how to effectively market your business in a digital age!


Tip 1: The Creation of Your Website

It is very important to have a website design for your business or organization.  The website serves as a digital storefront that allows viewers from anywhere to learn about what you do.  As you know, social media is very popular and now more than ever, you need a website to help market your business in order to reach mass populations. If you are thinking about getting your website designed, make sure it markets your business to its fullest potential.  

Google is the #1 search engine in the world.   People use it as a go-to resource to search for people, places, and things.  When you have your website created, it allows for potential customers and the general public get an idea about what services your business offers. If your website does not market your brand to where viewers are able to clearly understand what services or products you are offering, I would suggest that you invest in having a clear, concise, and functional website.  Here are some of examples of our most recent websites that we have created for our client’s listed below:

Tip 2: Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategic approach on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain your audience.  The content on your website should be current, fresh, and creative.  Most small business don’t understand that your audience will eventually become bored when they see same content weekly.  Make sure the content on your website is original, new, and different.  This will leave a lasting impression on your audience, keeping them engaged and returning to your website wanting more.


Tip 3: Blogging

Creating a blog is another a great marketing tool that allows you to effectively market your business in this digital age. Your Blogging will also help create new and lasting connections with other bloggers from around the world. One the greatest things, about blogging is inviting guest bloggers to share their expertise, insight, and knowledge about their field of practice. Quality guest Bloggers add value and increase your following on social networks all at the same time.     


Tip 4: Creation of E-flyer

An e-flyer is a digital flyer used to promote your company’s brand or event. For instance, you can used an e-flyer to post on social media, on your website, and email it to all your valued customers.  When creating an e-flyer it should have the following pertinent info listed below:

  • Your company name and/or logo
  • Detail info about your upcoming event i.e. date, time, location, etc.
  • All of your contact information, include your company’s website, and social media connects.


Here is most recent e-flyer that we currently are promoting for one our client’s below:

Wine Tasting_Flyer_Front


Make sure you allocate a budget towards the creation of e-flyers and any digital marketing material towards your business upcoming events or fundraiser.


Tip 5: Knowing when to post your content on social media

Knowing when to post your content on social media can be very tricky.  You’ll want to post when you are likely to have more views, shares, and clicks. This is where your social media marketing plan is called into action. Your plan will indicate the best time of the day to tap into your audience and which social media sites are more effective than others. Overall you must have a social media marketing plan in place or hire a marketing consultant to create a social media marketing plan for your business or organization today!


Thank you so much for reading today’s article on Social Media Saturday! I hope that this article has gotten you one step closer of turning your brand into something cool, hip, and colorful! Enjoy your weekend and Have a Happy Labor Day!

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