5 Things That Can Damage Your Brand

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Social Media is a great tool that makes it possible to reach millions of people all around the world on a daily basis. Social media serves as a wonderful platform to share the newest, hottest, and latest products and trends on today’s market. However, most people tend to unintentionally misuse and abuse their social media platform, which can be extremely damaging to their brand without them even knowing it. Today, I decided to write an article to shed light on this subject matter to help you make the most out of your Social Media outlets.


Tip 1: Too Much Information (TMI)

Have you ever heard the term TMI, which stands for Too Much Information? Well, growing up I would hear this term used very often by my ballet instructor, Mr. Greg, who would always remind us during class, “Ladies, TMI, Ladies!” Today, most people feel the need to tell everybody their business and it doesn’t matter how degrading or tasteless it may be. TMI is now becoming a popular way of how to socialize on social media to gain popularity, attention, and even more followers. However, when you have a company name to manage and protect, you cannot afford to engage such behavior because ultimately it will destroy your brand. You have to apply self-control and refrain from discussing your personal affairs on social media such as about conflicts with your peers and/or family members, relationship problems with your spouse or significant others, financial stressors, etcetera. If your problems become overwhelming and you feel as though they’re out of control, then I would suggest for you to seek professional counseling. The bottom line is keep your personal issues offline because TMI can and will damage your brand!



Tip 2: Grammar Rules

Most young people that I interact with on a regular basis don’t practice using proper grammar when writing or speaking. In my highschool and college years, I thought it would be cool to use improper grammar because I too wanted to fit in with my peers. Who wants to be labeled as “wack”? Now, let’s fast forward to the real world and adulthood where knowledge and intelligence is valued and respected… who wants to be labeled as “dumb” or “ignorant”? In this the digital age where we have spell check on everything and Google at our fingertips, it’s pretty easy for us to polish our literary works and present them in a professional manner without even opening a dictionary. However, please keep in mind that we can’t get too comfortable with spell check and Google! We must make sure we are using the right words, in the correct tense and context.

Now more than ever as a brand when you communicate your business to the world, you must be able to write and communicate what you are trying to the say effectively. If you are not a good writer, I would suggest for you to hire one to write content for your company. If you cannot afford to hire a writer for your company, then I would suggest that you look into getting a college intern majoring in English or Journalism to write for your company. Your company’s content should be well transcribed as should your social media platform. In conclusion, if you don’t have the skills to write well, and you don’t invest in hiring a writer, then eventually the poor quality of written expression that your followers see will negatively impact the value of your brand and it will discourage people from wanting to do business with your company.


Tip 3: Social Media Wars

All too often we see and hear about a celebrity having an argument with somebody on social media. Unfortunately, it has become the norm for people to have these kinds of disputes back and forth on social media. Most people hear about it and find it entertaining. They crave see more of it as they watch people acting a complete fool on social media, TMZ & You-Tube, just to name a few. However, as a small business we cannot afford to engage in such behaviors because it will destroy our brand and character simultaneously. If you are confronted by someone on social media who is trying to attack your character, I would suggest that you simply ignore the individual and don’t respond to their remarks. If the person continues to spew out the negative remarks, I would just block them and report them to the authorities for harassment. At the end of day, you have to protect your brand and image.


Tip 4: Language

It is all too common to go on to social media and see someone posting foul language. This is a BIG NOOOOO! Again, I do understand that most people are stressed out and they have a lot going on, but to use social media as way to curse out your frustrations is not the way to solve your problems. It actually makes you look crazy and out of control. Again, your followers don’t know about your personal affairs unless you put it out there for the world to know. Like I stated earlier, if you are going through a stressful situation, seek professional help, talk to a family member or friend about whatever is going on… but please don’t go on a cursing rampage. Think before you act… or post in this case. Lastly, remember to keep your language appropriate (without any cursing) and positive at all times because you never know who is watching you.



Tip 5: Damage Control (DC)

Sending in the national guards it’s time for Damage Control! After you have damaged your brand, what’s left to do? Damage Control comes into play when you want to make it all go away. Well it may be too late for this step now, because you have pretty much destroyed entire brand and along with your character. It is way too late in the game to create and paint this perfect picture after you have engaged such negative behaviors for the months (hypothetically speaking). To avoid needing Damage Control, watch what you say online, think before reacting to any situation, put the interest of your company first, and your brand will continue to stand firm.


Well, this is it for Social Media Saturday and I hope that you enjoyed this article as I shared with you 5 things that can damage your brand. I look forward to seeing you next Saturday at 10am ET

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