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By: Ayasha Roberson @ayasha7


In this edition of Social Media Saturday, I will sharing 5 helpful tips on “How To Turn Your Business Into An Effective Brand”.

Tip 1: Research First

Before starting your business, ask yourself:

    • Will it be a for-profit entity or non-profit organization ?
    • What product(s) or service (s) will you sell?
    • Who will be your target market of potential customers?  
    • What factor(s) makes your business unique?


  • Is you brand different others similar business?



Tip 2: Create a Business Plan

The Business Plan is an essential roadmap for a successful business. The plan generally allows for the company to project 3 to 5 years ahead and outline the route a company intends to take to grow revenues. It also gives your business an attainable plan for the company to execute their goals in a successful and timely fashion.

Tip 3: Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan outlines the business or organization’s overall promotional goals. It details creative steps in building and sustaining great customer relationships. Your plan should meet the needs of your customers and ultimately gives you a competitive edge amongst your competition.

Tip 4: Logos

When creating a logo for your business, it gives your brand identity.  It creates an image, which contributes to the attributes, values, purpose, strengths, and passions. Great brands are easy to recognize, their mission is clear, and it fosters customer loyalty that all businesses crave. Can you know identify any of these brands below?

Tip 5: Social Media Platform

Social Media is a great way to get your Brand by posting information about your business to millions of people all at once. It is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. This plan should be map a review of where your accounts are today, goals for where you want them to be in the near future, and all the tools you want to use to get there.  

Well, I hope that you found this article interesting and helpful as I provided you with 5 tips of How to Turn Your Business Into An Effective Brand. I look forward to seeing you next Saturday, however, until then make sure you connect with us on social media: Instagram: Social Media Saturday Twitter: @smsaturday Facebook : Socialmedia Saturday

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