The National Underdog Day is a day dedicated to the people who works hard but never gets on top. This day was first celebrated in 1976 and is considered a weird holiday in America.
The word “underdog” originated in the old building industries calling planks of wood as dogs. The person on top of the wooden plank is called the “overdog” the supervisor. The person working below the plank of wood which is usually dark, dirty, and sawdust filled is called the “underdog.” 
How is the National Underdog Day Celebrated? 
The best to celebrate this day would be with the company of little people, who others call as losers. A part may be organized with them as guests where food served consist of the cheapest in the market.Underdog pic 2 Watching TV with them can also be fun especially if the movie features underdogs such as Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes. Watching movies as a group would also be great. As it’s the holiday season, watching  Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer would just be timely.  
Other people, however, conduct programs the underdogs who succeeded. There are many in the world and in different fields of endeavors who rose from the ranks. The programs aim to encourage the hard working people to keep on striving to reach their goals. Their importance in the society is also emulated as it had been observed that, in times of economic crisis, they fare better than the “overdogs.”

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