On this edition of Life & Culture

We had the opportunity to interview the

Executive Director, Amy J. Sutton

Of the

 Cancer Support Community of Central New Jersey.


Ayasha: How many different location do you have in the state of New Jersey?

Amy J. Sutton: We are based in Bedminster and there are 4 locations in New Jersey that are all independent affiliates of Cancer Support Community.

Ayasha: What types of programs do you offer to the community?

Amy J. Sutton: We have ongoing programs, we are experts in oncology social work so we provide access to support groups, educational workshops, programs that focus on cooking and nutrition, also health and wellness classes. All of the programs free of charge to anyone who is affected by cancer.  Cancer patients are obviously eligible, as well as survivors, family members, and caregivers.

Ayasha: Does your organization cover the entire Central New Jersey area?


Amy J. Sutton: Yes, that’s right!

Ayasha: So, it wouldn’t matter if someone lived in Monmouth or Mercer Counties of New Jersey, they would be still be able to access your services.

Amy J. Sutton: Yes, we do partner with most of the major hospitals in the area as well.

Ayasha:  Do you provide services to kids as well?

Amy J. Sutton: Yes, we do and we have a program called Kids Connect Parent Connect Program.

Ayasha: Where can people go to learn more about Cancer Support Community of New Jersey?

Amy J. Sutton: People can go to www.cancersupportcnj.org

Ayasha: This is a great support resource for the community! Thank you for taking the time to interview with us, and thank you for everything you do!

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