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Ayasha: Thank you for this edition of Jerz Life Fashion Blog, back in July we had the lovely opportunity to attend and feature LN House of Fashion line for Jerz Life TV. If you haven’t seen it, LN House of Fashion Show click onto this link here However, today I have the chance to sit down with designer, stylist and CEO of LN House of Fashion Ms. Louise “Loulou” Nguidjol

Ayasha: What is LN House of Fashion?

Loulou: LN House of Fashion is wardrobe styling company who also owns one clothing line called Ellen Collection which is the line that we showed on July 11th.

Ayasha: What do you have in store for this fall?

Loulou: As far as coming up this fall, we are getting ready for fashion week and preparing for our next fashion show in October. Fashion Week this year we will not be showing any collections, but we will be attending different shows looking for designers at the moment helping to build and expand our company’s brand. We are very busy this summer as we are doing wardrobe styling for magazine, photo shoots, events, music videos, etc.

Ayasha: How long has your company has been existence? Loulou: Our Company launched February 2013 at the small boutique fashion week in NYC. Ayasha: Now you mention a little about your fashion company, can you explain your fashion line?

Loulou: We are women clothing company design for VJ (Video Jockeys) & Public Figures mainly. Our line is basically sassy, classy, and daring. We love bold prints, colors & mix and match. Our women is wild.

ln house 1

Loulou: Eventually we will create clothing for men too.

Ayasha: I love the fact that Ellen Collection is so versatility. It fits the everyday women of all lifestyles which is great.

ln house of fashion

Ayasha: With that being said, that you have a lot going on with your company…I say that LN House of Fashion is emerging into a fashion empire. You mentioned earlier that you have another fashion show coming up in October. Can you tell us what can we expect to see?

Loulou: It will be all about summer….It is our cruise collection so expect to see resort wear. In addition, we have another fashion designer who just join our house so our collection will be added to the fashion show as well.

Ayasha: Oh, WOW! So, you have another designer coming on board onto the LN House of Fashion Brand.

Loulou: Yes!

Ayasha So if designers wanted to design for your company or if someone want to book you for styling…How would people be able to get in contact with you?

Loulou: You can email us for inquiry. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram: LN House of Fashion Twitter: @ladivadumix

Ayasha: You heard it first LN House of Fashion is making move throughout the summer and the rest of year guys so make sure you connect with them on social media. Once again thank you for reading this interview.

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