Finally August has come over us with the haunting reality of back to school shopping. If  you have children or you are a student, back to school shopping is more targeted to you. However, there are things we all can learn from this segment of DIY.

As a child I went to private school so my shopping never involved getting new clothes as much as other public school students as I was subjugated to wearing uniforms everyday during the school year. However, once I was in high school there were little twists I would do to my wardrobe in order to individualize my self and promote my style. Here are a few things a lot of us catholic school girls did and some cool modern designs for this new age:

1. Headbands

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Headbands are a simple and unique addition to any school uniform without crossing over any school uniform restrictions. There are many styles to chose from such as braided, knotted or ruffled. Check out this website for the step by step tutorial of all three pictures.


check here for this lace headband tutorial.

2. Knee High Socks


Knee high socks and school skirts go well together like peanut butter and jelly. There’s something  feminine about the duo which is why women should still keep wearing them even after years out of school. The pineneddle collective wears here with hand sewed pathches of hearts on her knee. Don’t know how to sew you can also iron these patches as well. Check her blog out for more details. *Iron on’s are also a great way to touch up any fabric you want to decorate.

3. Backpacks

A pinned flower or a showcase of collected pins on your backpack are simple ways to style your backpack.


I like this DIY because you are essentially using materials from your own wardrobe and can easily add in any crazy fabric pattern of your choice. This will defiantly get people asking where you got your back pack as it is something simple yet out of the ordinary. Find the tutorial here.


If you are into the tie dye or the galaxy look well this look is for you. I like this DIY because its super simple and because of the color the backpack won’t get dirty easily, that’s always a plus. For starters get a plain white jansport book-bag and be creative with how you want your backpack to define you. There are tutorials on YouTube for this look.


for the kids here are cute suggestions for personalized names and other diy looks. click here

4. Notebooks

altered+composition+notebook+mod+pdoge+cathie+filian+copy1 download

Personalizing notebooks are always fun. In my day we would color our composition notebooks with markers and fill them will stickers or images of boy bands we love. Today there are many people to inspire your creativity such as personalizing your note book with some fabric, mod podge and jewels for the pic above. here is the tutorial for that. Secondly, the composition notebook cover is a perfect undercover for your iPad when you are in school. Find the tutorial here on lilblueboo’s blog.

5. Pencils/Pens

Who hasn’t tried to individualize themselves with their pencil’s in grade school. Whether it was the simple writing your name in marker so no one else can claim it as their own, sticking a sticker on them or cutting into the wood to make a design, pencils have been and will be an easy stable to personalize yourself. Just watch out you might lose them!


Here is a step by step tutorial for the flower paper pencils we all have seen at least once in our lives.


Here is a simple diy using tape and glue to create strips running along the pencil. A bit tedious but should be fun to see how it comes out.


These glittered  pencils add a touch of glam to your pencils of course make sure to seal in the glitter with mod podge so there won’t be any glitter falling all over your work. Materials needed are silver or gold glitter depending on the color of your pencil, of-course you can use any color glitter, glue and mod podge.

*You can easily alternate these pencils with pens as well.

Have a Great 2014 School Year!

To those not in school make sure to try out some of these DIY’s  for a fresh look on these common school and office necessities.

Never stop Dreaming, Creating or Being Authentic for its our birthright!

All images from Google images

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