If you live anywhere near the north of the equator chances are this winter has gotten a little too ‘snow happy’. With every week inches and inches of snow falling down on already unmelted snow creating mountains of snow everywhere. Roads became stricken with numerous pot holes causing many punctured tires, parking space became inevitable to find, school and job closings and the gruesome job of removing all that snow from one’s car. However, what I believe has suffered the most from thisĀ  snow craze is our beloved boots. You couldn’t do without them this winter and by just about now they may look a little worn out.

If you still believe your boots are still pliable enough for another month till spring hits then try these simple designs to give those sorry boots a little upgrade.

1. DIY Sweater Boots


Materials needed: A pair of flats (any old ones will do), knitted sweater material, yarn, hot glue and sewing supplies (sewing machine)

Here is a video by coolripa on YouTube showcasing exactly how to get it done!

2. DIY Boot Socks


Materials Needed: Old sweaters, pair of scissors, fabric glue, optional decorations (ex: buttons, yarn)

Sometimes it helps to have some extra insulation in your boots against the cold. Watch how missejlouie creates some for herself.

3. DIY inspired Ugg boot

*I would recommend buying the look a like Ugg boot as its inexpensive and easier to decorate with rather than an actual Ugg boot.

Fonts & Images artsolestatic_e__oPt

Galaxy Uggsgalaxy uggHere’s a video showcasing two ways to create an inspired designer Ugg boot.

Secondly, here is a video showing how to create that galaxy texture look on your inspired Ugg boot.


Although the winter hasn’t come to an end and our winter boots may look like something off the “Walking Dead” we can easily revamp them into a new creation. Boots were made for walking; walking all over dirt, snow, slush and ice, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t walk around with style. Give these easy style fixes a try and bring new life to your boots.

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