Love is in the air around this time of year as its the month which we have Valentines Day. No matter if your are in a relationship or not it is still a day to appreciate those special loved ones in our lives who put up with us everyday! I am definitely a believer that Valentines Day shouldn’t be the only day we celebrate love!  We should consider doing it everyday with the people we love. Not everyone has the budget of a millionaire to take their loved ones to far away, exotic deserted islands or a brand new BMW ( which isn’t actually a bad idea, given the hidden message behind the abbreviation of BMW which as my sister put it ‘Be My Wife’) but I digress. Even if you do have a lot of money sometimes doing a simple gesture can turn the right spots on for any person. So lets jump into it! Here are four simple things any person can do for their loved one.


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As busy as our lives get sometimes we can easily get caught up into fitting into our roles of a parent, wife or husband, worker etc. However, it can be very exhausting if the roles we play are not evenly balanced out or appreciated. So instead of just buying another pair of jewelry for her or getting him some more shirts or cologne try a simple appreciation night where your partners needs are your desires that you want to fulfill. Who doesn’t love complete attention from their partner. Here are some things to consider:

a. blindfolds your partner as they enter a fully romantic decorated room

b. prepare a nice meal for your partner and to add more intimacy feed your partner by the hands

c. prepares a warm bath followed by a full body massage

d. both partners cook a meal together

e. play fun , dirty, romantic game which might eventually lead to…

You can be as creative with these simple gestures as you want. In terms of the games there are many fun romantic games you can find online. Or you can make some up yourself.  It is always good to see ones partner with their guard down and willing to serve their loved ones.


who you put If your partner isn’t into flowers or the other typical Valentines Day musts haves then do something which fits into more of what you’re partner would like by their personality:

The Adventurer?


Then go horseback riding. If you live in the city the only expense might be the long commute other than that a typical horseback ride starts about $20-$60 depending on the type of session and also your location.

The Know it All?


A beautiful day to the Museum will surely have them feeling filled up with knowledge!

The Materialistic?

gold apple

Go ahead and save up because you’re going to need all the money you can get your hands on with this person because when it comes to gift giving they want the best things of quality! i.e this $30,000 gold Apple mac book might be a good start. The good thing about this is you can get away with  buying something for them only once because the quality of the gift lasts that long and so does their devotion!

The Perfectionist?

Brunette getting a head massage in the spa salon

Please do yourself and your perfectionist partner a favor and sign them up for a total day retreat or at least a couple of hours at the spa. More specifically they can benefit from a cranial a.k.a head massage due to their constant use of this part of their body. This will help them relax and unwind from their thoughts and unwillingness to just have a bad day. This is a romantic gift because as they get grounded back into reality they will appreciate your tenderness to care for their needs which they may have been neglecting.


a. Make a sexy cute fun wine glass or beer jug for your partner who loves to drink

sexy wine glass

Click here to find a simple video to decorate your wine glass.

b. Bake Heart Shaped Goodies


The picture says it all!

c. Make you’re own Valentine’s Day Card



4. Go Nightclubbing


If getting a little down and dirty isn’t on the menu that night for whatever reasons why not go out nightclubbing. Valentine’s Day 2014 falls on a Friday so its the perfect day for clubbing but even if it falls on a Monday go out anyway. They say dancing is just as intimate as sex so why not get wild and free with your man on the dance floor. Make him want you or vice versa!

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and got some simple ideas for the day. Love is about showcasing our affection, devotion and care even if we forget and only remember once a year.

Happy Valentines Day

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