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Fashion Contributor Ayasha Roberson

As we are celebrating the holiday season, I got the chance to interview upcoming lifestyle fashionista and entrepreneur Carla Ortiz of Haute Cocktail. Her website is fabulous and awesome to say the least. I thought by interviewing her, we can all get to learn about her website, Haute Cocktail, and how we can benefit from it, especially during the holiday season.


Ayasha: Well, Carla I want to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me in Hoboken, NJ.

Carla: You’re Welcome Ayasha!

Ayasha: Now Carla, Where does the name Haute Cocktail comes from?

Carla: The word Haute comes from Haute Couture, high fashion, and cocktails from the concept of cocktail dresses and cocktail rings that go hand in hand with dressing up and going out for a fun night of cock-tailing.

Ayasha: WOW, that’s an interesting concept and very unique. How long has Haute Cocktail been in existence?

Carla: Haute Cocktail was born on April of 2010. It’ll be turning 4 years old in 2014.

Ayasha: That’s so awesome and congrats with the growth of your business. What has inspired you to want to become an entrepreneur?

Carla: I’ve always wanted to have my own business. I thought it would be a great concept to create a resource for people who have an interest in fashion, cocktails and exploring. It all started as a way for me to have my voice heard within the fashion industry, and for people to follow my footsteps from the position I was working at the time to my dream career. In the process, I learned that Haute Cocktail was exactly my dream career, and so it started growing even more from there.

Ayasha: Did you go to school? What is your educational background?

Carla: I finished a Bachelors in Communications, and this past May I completed a Masters in Fashion Journalism. I Initially started my Masters degree in Fashion Design. After a not so great relationship with the sewing machine I switched to Fashion Journalism, and my life made so much sense from then on.

Ayasha: Where do you see your career in the next 5 to 10 years?

Carla: I want to continue to build my brand, Haute Cocktail, and my expertise within the fashion and lifestyle industries. I would love to work with brands in promoting their products through campaigns, or even be the face of a company, as well as collaborate in designing products.

Ayasha: Okay, that’s awesome, and I can actually see you becoming this big time celebrity where people are actually seeking you out to help them design and style as Have you ever styled before?


Carla: I have done some styling for school and for myself on the blog. Right now I am working with Celebrity Stylist Derek Warburton. I recently started working with him as Editor-in-Chief of his lifestyle website, Derek Loves Shopping, and I am learning so much about the business. It is an amazing and humbling experience to work with him. It is definitely an honor to have this opportunity to work with him.

Ayasha: Now let’s talk about holidays…What colors are you expecting to see this holiday

Carla: I think this holiday we are going to see gold, glitter and metallics which is somewhat traditional to see during this time of year. However, the twist is going to be in the materials and places we see them used. Like pops of metallic on sweater and

Ayasha: What ideas would you suggest for holiday gifts?

Carla: A great holiday gift idea would be a leather quilted skirt or statement necklace . Perhaps purchase a cute little bar tool set which is nice set up for you to entertain and to serve to your guest. Now for myself, I’m wishing for a quilted Chanel Bag.

Ayasha: Now what places would you suggest to go to buy nice accessories?

Carla: In general Aldo has great accessories, but my personal favorites are Kate Spade Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love their earrings they are very cute and girly.

Ayasha: What outfits are you suggest for people to wear to their holiday parties?

Carla: The traditional black cocktail dress is a must. To get that wow factor with your outfit put on a belt in a fun color or texture. You can also add red, gold, blue, or any color accessories to give your outfit an extra pop. Another idea to rock your little black dress t is to wear black tights and embellished sweater over it. This transforms a dress into a skirt for more than one use. You can do so much and never go wrong with a black dress. Staple pieces like a blazer, leather jacket, sweater, statement necklace and tights can help you restyle a black cocktail dress in so many ways. Make sure to get creative with your make up as well, and you are good to go!

Ayasha: What can people expect from Haute Cocktail in 2014?

Carla: I would like to introduce people to places that you can go to enjoy a good cocktail in the upcoming year, as well as enjoy an experience. Is all about exploring the world around us and having fun. I also love music. I actually sing a little so I’ll be expanding my Music Monday posts, so stay tuned for that.

Ayasha: There is so much going on with Haute Cocktail. I am definitely going to check out your website and be on the lookout for what’s in store for 2014. Thank you so much Carla for the interview, I really enjoyed it, and I learned a lot about Haute

Carla: You’re Welcome Ayasha, and thank you for your time.

Ayasha: If you would like to work with Carla from Haute Cocktail, you can email her at and you can check out her website at Follow Carla on Twitter @HauteCocktail for fun tidbits of her whereabouts

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