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 Ayasha Roberson

Ladies let’s get down to business, now our hair is an accessory.  In order for our entire outfit to feel complete our hair has to look “tight.”  I believe that our hair gives us a sense of expression to those who know us or not, our hair says she’s chic, creative, flirty, sexy, adventurous, classy, edgy, bold, fun, sophisticated, smart, & sharp. Our Hair shapes our inner beauty, which speaks louder than words. It is pretty cool to live in a society that allows us as individuals to express ourselves through our hair styles.  Without further adieu, I decided to write my fashion post about holiday hair featuring Indique Hair Extension and Hair By Tai on this edition of the Urban Flair.

Indique Hair was established in 2007 by Co-Founders Erica Dotsky and Krishan Jhalani.  By 2009, Indique was operating two Boutiques where clients could purchase their line of exclusive hair extension products: one in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City and another in Boston, MA. Since then, Indique has continually expanded to open Boutiques in several major metropolitan areas throughout the United States and South Africa. In addition, celebrities such as Jill Scott, Kelly Rolland, Angela Simmons, and Teytana Taylor just to name a few, all wear Indique Hair as the “Indique Trend” continues to grow among Urban and European Hair Care markets.


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Let me start by giving you a little history of my hair which is natural and I haven’t had a perm in years, however, several months ago I decided to get a Keratin treatment. For those who don’t know what’s a Keratin treatment, it strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair more resilient. My hair stylist Tai aka Hair By Tai is the one who recommended the Keratin for my hair and she is a partner stylist of Indique Hair as well.  Tai highly recommended for me to go to the Indique Hair Boutique location in South Orange, NJ. When I arrived to Indique Boutique, I was so impressed with the quality of hair as there were several different types of hair on display along with a brief description of each specific hair texture. Since purchasing my first supply of Indique Hair I would recommend Indique Hair to anyone who is thinking about wearing an extension this holiday season or if you are just looking for better hair quality.  Indique is Virgin Human Hair, which is the way to go, and they have several selections. The hair texture I decided to purchase is called Bounce. Bounce has a natural wave to it as it appears below


Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 9.10.04 PM

I purchased two bundles of Bounce and since my hair type is wavy, the hair blends into my natural hair texture. I believe when you get a sewn in the whole point of getting it is to make it look like it is your own hair. When you get a full sewn in or extensions, make sure your licensed cosmetologist understands Indique Hair and their hair care system.

Indique Hair is very good hair quality so be prepared to spend anywhere between $150- $345 per bundle, if you can get it on sale it will save you money which is always a plus.

Since the hair quality is superb, you can reuse Indique Hair up to a year. To maintain the texture of the hair, you have to shampoo and condition Indique Hair with sulfur-free and alcohol-free products. If you don’t, you will destroy the hair and it will not be able to be reused.  This is why you have to make sure your stylist understands Indique Hair and the system of how to take off the hair as well. My stylist Tai recommends that you keep your sewn in for 6 to 8 weeks. Tai also states that a full sewn in is a good weather protection style especially during the winter

months against the cold, harsh, and brutal climate which can damage our hair. In the long run Indique Hair turns out to be extremely

cost effective and you can’t beat that…

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 9.10.56 PM

The holidays are here so try something different and unexpected by getting into the “Indique Trend” by purchasing your hair from Indique Hair and don’t forget to follow Indique on Twitter @iloveIndiqueHair

Furthermore, if you would like to schedule a hair appointment and consultation with Tai call 732-280-6400.

Finally watch the brand new series of Hair By Tai on which focuses on ethnic hair care, treatments, styles, trends, and so more.  Follow Us on Twitter @HairByTai  @JerzLifeTV @JerzLife @Uslnetwork

Thank you for reading my very 1st Holiday Post of 2013 and Until next time everyone Get Some Jerz Life!!!!!

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