Hey everyone it’s your girl Felicia bringing you more exclusive fashion statements for the fall and winter season of 2013 and 2014.

Have you ever left the house wondering, ‘hmm, I still need a little something to complete my look’? Or have you ever been perplexed about the choices of colors to match with season? Well I do all the time! However, what I do to combat the issue is to try something new with my accessories and usually I end with a unique look that satisfies my inner fashion critic. Besides, adding those accessories to fit who you are always brings out your personality. And that’s exactly what we’re looking for; expression of self!
So for today’s blog I want to introduce to you on how you can use nail polish as a means of accessorizing your outfit. Nails are a great way to define a look and complete the outfit.
Summertime maybe the popular time to show off your nails, however, if you love getting your nails done as much as I do winter won’t stop you from a nice day at the nail salon. Then wait no longer because there are winter holiday colors for your nails.
Essie has introduced to the world, 2013 fall holiday colors and if you ask me, I am so excited about it. Essie has always been a number one choice when it came to picking out a brand to use on my nails. Essie has a very wide range of different colors that fits anyone. This year Essie has three very popular colors: Vested Interest, Twin Sweater Set, and The Lace Is On. Now what I just adore about these colors is that you can always mix them up. For example, Vested Interest which is a cool gray teal and Twin Sweater Set which is a vibrant crimson red would be wonderful together for Christmas. Just the thought of those two colors together brings out the holiday spirit. The two colors together remind me of the warmth of Christmas.

You can also wear them separate and still make a statement. Since Vested Interest is a cool gray teal which fits the season more.
It’s a calm cool color nothing too bright since winter season fits more of the darker neutral color.
So when you’re wearing your trench or any winter jacket, Vested Interest will be a good look to have with the winter look.
I would have to say I love that color since it’s so natural and not over bearing for winter.

Twin Sweater Set pops out at you. Ladies if you love Stilettos nail then this color would look perfect. It has sexiness to it and is perfect when going out with friends or family during the holidays where everyone will notice how sexy it is and you will still have the holiday sense. So either way together or alone these two shades will catch anyone’s eye.
Do you enjoy having a metallic shimmer to your nails but keep it simple at the same time?
For our pink lovers Essie has The Lace Is On which is a glistening jewel toned pearlescent fuchsia. This is a pink that’s not too bright and fits the holiday theme. This would be a very nice look on your nails when you are going out to Christmas parties and besides the name says it all.

Essie has more in store for the holidays and I’ll be sure to let everyone know how great their product is and how they have gave us more color options for the winter and the holidays so everyone stay tuned! There are more to come for 2013 winter and Essie has exactly what your looking for to make a fashion statement.

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