Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.

Tis the season of winter coats, gloves, snow, Christmas carols, presents and ice skating. However, nothings puts us more into the holiday spirit than street decorations and the popular winter plant, the holly. Hollies are the green leaved and red fruited plant which we see every Christmas season. As the popular Christmas song states, ‘deck the halls with boughs of holly’, decorating for the holidays is just as important as buying the gifts. A non decorated home during the holidays  puts off the impression as being non festive and not in the holiday spirit. Today’s blog is about the basics to decorating during the Christmas holiday.

 1.Tree Trouble

Christmas 2013

Having a Christmas tree is the epitome of Christmas decor. It is important to understand the basics of ornamenting a tree in order not overwhelm yourself or the tree  by decorating it with too many ornaments.Decide whether you want a real tree which will add a touch of finesse to the tree’s decor or an artificial tree which is less messy and cost effective. Start off by placing the tree in the center or corner of  a room depending on the size. Lay a tree blanket over the floor first; you can easily substitute a tree blanket with your own sheet or blanket. Add any glitter or fake snow for added texture. Now, decide on a color pattern. Are you into metallic colors like silver or gold? Or does a combo of blue and white interest you?Or are you more traditional with the red, green and gold pattern. Which ever it is stick to the color palate. Then add you decorations which usually are garlands, ornaments, ribbons, lighting and beads. Start off with the longer pieces of decorations like the garlands or lighting and wrap them around the tree horizontally or vertically. Then add your ribbons and ornaments by working your way from the edge of the tree to the inside. Lastly, finish with placing the star on top or what ever tree topper you have. Now you have it your own Christmas tree. All that’s missing is the presents!

2. Coffee Table & Mantle Help

christmas-home-decoration blog1

Lets not forget that the rest of the home also needs a touch of the holiday spirit.  Coffee tables and the fire place is a great way to segue your Christmas tree decor throughout the rest of your home. Toss the newspapers, hide the remote and wipe away those coffee stains to prepare your table with a beautiful holiday decor. Simple decorations such as table runners, candles, Christmas figurines, pine cones and ceramic Christmas platters filled with treats. Place a short candle inside a wreath, surround it with a couple of tall candles, add a figure or two and through in some pine cones to complete a simple look. For the fire place, go traditional with Christmas stockings, hang garlands or lights over a mirror, seasonal flowers for some natural beauty and add a couple of pictures to finalize the look.

3. Bare Windows

christmas-translucent-window-decorations-1 Christmas-Window-Decorations


 During the holidays ornament your windows especially with lights to broadcast your holiday spirit to those passing by your place of living. Decorate them with simple garlands and ribbons along the window pane. If you have children get your kids involved by placing Christmas stickers or star stickers, spray paint snow, artificial snow flakes all over the window. A simple approach is to use battery operated candle light fixtures and place them on the inside of your window. Decorate with lights by saturating the entire window with a light design or by hanging the lights over a curtain for the same effect.

4. DIY Wreaths and Ornaments

diy3   tess-tips-diy-christmas-tea


Wreaths and Ornaments are essentials for easy Christmas decor. If you want your decor to be a bit more unique then try some of these easy DIY’s. Make a personalized picture ornament by inserting a picture into a glass ornament by unscrewing them top of the ornament and placing them inside.  Or make simple ornament jars of tea, popcorn or candy by placing the desired item into the jar, personalizing them with a name and screwing them up with a corkscrew. Lastly, candy cane wreaths is a cute and simple craft to make. All you need is a bunch of candy canes, glue gun or tape and a paper to tie everything towards the center. Click here to watch how LaurDIY makes a Wreath out of ornaments!

As an added tip make sure to also add touches of Christmas color to the rest of your home. Remember, stick to your color them. For instance, if you’re going with the traditional green, red and gold add some ruby colored  or gold pillows on your couch. In the bathroom, a red rug with green towels, one lit candle, a Christmas figurine and a fragrance such as peppermint, pine cones or cinnamon will do. Keep the home clean as visitors and family will be passing by. An easy tip is to use what you have! Do you have any pictures or mirrors on the walls or any decorative object around? Lace them with lights! Add ribbons, candy canes, or glitter to garlands as a way of adding color. Place ornaments in.  a bowl or glass container. Most of all keep your peace and enjoy the decorating process. As the jingle goes ’tis the season to be jolly’! I hope these tips helped and will fill your home with the magic of Christmas this season.

Happy Holidays

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