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Jersyde clothing company founded by Mr. Tom Wojo in 2004. When the company was first established, Tom designed and sold men knit hats and t-shirts. But things took a turn when Jersyde Clothing Line attracted the interest and attention of women. He loved the concept and image of the company, but wanted to see more feminine colors such as pinks, reds, and blues. Once they began to design clothes for ladies too, the company took off.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Tom Wojo CEO & Founder of Jersyde Clothing Line.

Ayasha: I would like to say, before we start this interview, thank you for taking the time out your busy schedule to talk about your clothing line Jersyde.

Tom: The pleasure is all mine…. You’re welcome and thank you for this interview!

Ayasha: You’re Welcome Tom….How did you come with the name Jersyde?

Tom: Well, one summer night I was hanging out in New York City with my boys. We were able to see the Jersey skyline from New York City waterfront area and one of boys pointed and said that’s “The Jersyde.” This is how the name came about….

Ayasha: WOW…That’s very interesting. Now, I noticed there are statements on your t-shits, for example, one of the male t-shirts you have says, and “They Can’t Stop Me!” How did you come with these catch phrases?

Tom: Several years ago, I was playing basketball, which I love to play. I was on the court and while playing I said to myself “they can’t stop me!” I truly feel like they can’t or nobody can. This was years before Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene had caused so much devastation to New Jersey/ New York Metropolitan areas. I think now that almost anybody can relate to this catch phrase whether you are from New Jersey or not because we have all been through something that has motivated us, where it has now grown into a mindset or attitude of being unstoppable. On a personal note, being who I am and I’m from Jersey this is just my mentality no matter what I endure or go through.

Ayasha: Yes, I can agree with your positive movement.

Tom: I want people to know that my shirts are designed, created, and made for the people. When they put on a t-shirt, I want them to be able to embrace confidence within themselves and hope that it will attract other people who are about positivity as well.

Ayasha: What kind of clothing company is Jersyde?

Tom: We are High Quality Urban Fashion Company you will not find our clothing in major department stores. You can only find and purchase Jersyde clothing from our website. If you are looking for authenticity and originality, then that is us. Our clothes are custom made and designed. A lot of thought goes into our designs and each article of clothing that is produced and sold to our customers.

Ayasha: I know that you recently relaunched your clothing line, what was the reason behind this relauching?

Tom: I wanted to take my company to the next level, which was to expand our clothing line itself this meant taking the company from a hobby to a business.

Ayasha: Real House Wife of New Jersey Reality Star Melissa Gorga wears Jersyde. How did you get Melissa Gorga to start wearing Jersyde?

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 11.00.34 PM

Tom: I had a mutual friend that introduced her to my clothing line and she absolutely loved the quality of clothing. She actually posted a statement stating, “that she loves Jersyde Clothing.” In addition we also had celebrity Traci Bingham wearing Jersyde as well, which was another great opportunity.

traci 2

Ayasha: I see that you truly love what you do! You are definitely passionate about fashion and being a designer that thinks outside the box.

Tom: Yes, I think as a fashion designer you have to think this way. Now, you have so many celebrities whether they are rappers, singers, and athletes who come out with their own clothing lines. But they really don’t know what people want or have a clue about fashion. Because they have so much money they pay designers to design clothing for them and hire market researchers to do the work for them. Do you really understand the fashion industry or you just creating a line of clothing to make money? These are two separate things. As a designer who isn’t famous, I understand business and fashion. I know what the people want because I am the people.

Ayasha: It is very refreshing to hear from someone who is so dedicated and passionate about your business and not allowing anyone to classify you or place you in category.

Tom: Yes, I believe if you are passionate about your dreams those people are going to win. Never limit yourself to a certain population of people. You want to think outside the box. Life is all about evolving….You have to adjust to the times and know your market. If you don’t, your company will not survive.

Ayasha: What are your top sellers?

Tom: Men’s Polo Shirts and Women’s Sweat suits. The women’s sweat suits sell consistently year round. I think that is what people are looking for, clothing that is versatile and clothing that they can wear throughout the year.

Jersyde fashion cant stop me

Ayasha: I agree…Most people today are on some of kind of budget. I believe it is cost effective to buy clothing, which is versatile, that you can wear throughout the year especially if you live in area that you get all 4 seasons.

Ayasha: What can people expect from Jersyde Clothing Line in 2014?

Tom: Okay we have 8 new designs for men, 4 new designs for women. We have men’s jeans, very high quality and the design of the different, unique, and creative so be on the lookout for that. We have two new hoodies coming in January 2014. In addition we have new fitted hats. Last but not least we can’t forget about the ladies. We have shorts and short sleeved hoodies coming soon as well. This new line set to debut in 2014.

Ayasha: This is amazing and I’m so excited about Jersyde’s new collection coming soon in 2014. Okay we have less than 2 months to purchase Jersyde’s new collection. I can’t wait….For right now I am going to create a wish list of what I am planning to purchase. Again I would like to thank you Tom for this interview tonight and we really appreciate it.

Tom: You’re Welcome!

Ayasha: Everyone now you know the name of the clothing line Jersyde so make sure you go to to purchase your clothing and make sure you create your wish list now for the new 2014 collection. Follow Jersyde on twitter @JersydeClothing and Like them on FB

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