Autumn-in-the-Park-autumn-25517310-1440-900The beauty of fall is in the various hues of red, orange,   yellow and sometimes fuchsia from the millions of leaves falling everywhere, I repeat everywhere. So when it comes to fashion what colors, outfits and accessories work best for your next DIY fall fashion ensemble?

Let’s take a look at what these DIYers’s did:

1. DIY Ombre Thighs


The blogger, Jaime Christina Designs uses: a. American Apparel opaque thighs and b. 2 packets of iDye in black for this DIY project. Thighs are a common stable during the fall as they are worn most during this time of the year. Her thighs were actually nylon instead of cotton which as she explains in her blog would require a different type of dye. Take a look at her choice of color which I believe is a kind of fuchsia. It is one of the hues of red we see evident in leaves so this is a perfect color during this season.

*For my spin on it I would have chosen orange or green as the color to dye into.  Click HERE for the link to the tutorial!

2.Waist Belts


waist belts

I do believe waist belts to be a versatile outfit during the entire year, however, there is something chic about a waist belt wrapped around a fall dress or jacket. Best colors for waist belt this fall would be black, gold, metallic, browns, greens and reds. The thicker the belt the better for this time of season so go big and very large for you’re next outfit. You want a larger belt so it can not only wrap around your dress but also you’re jacket as well.  Here is a simple tutorial on making a waist belt!

3. Nails


Here we have a mirage of fall colors on a white base coat. I love this color and combination. It is so simple to recreate. I believe she painted her nails with the white base coat, secondly, adds a yellow hue on the tips of her nails, then covers that yellow part with the glitter nail polish and lastly, applies a clear top coat to finish. Here is the link to the website. Also, if you want to see a YouTube tutorial click here to see how meliney creates a variety of colorful nails for this season. She explains the techniques you need to achieve the complex look of her designs.

4. Hair Accessories


fall hair pin


kente inspired hair pin

kente hair pin




hair flower pin hair pin

 Hair accessories are easy to make and are a great way to add a touch of Autumn to your style. Hair accessories can be used as a quick decorative element to take your hair from plain to exciting and it adds a decadence of sophistication when accessorized with jewelery.

For a daily hair accessory use image (a) for your next look. I would spray paint the leaves in a gold or copper color for a more metallic look. Click here for the step by step tutorial on how to achieve the look plus other styles. Also, for image (b), using kente cloth for accessorizing your hair is a wonderful way to dress up your hair with fall colors. Its such a versatile cloth of colors which can be used during the spring and fall seasons. Here’s a YouTube video on how to make you’re very own kente inspired hair pin.

For a festive look, image (c & d) will do the job.  Image (c) is actually from wedding pics from website The head piece is a head band of crystals, sequins and pearls which compliments her hair. This look will be great for dinners, festive events, holiday engagements and all other events which require you to dress up. Images in (d) can be used for fun festive engagements or even a wedding. Both images can be foud on The floral head piece is from thesunflowerstand shop on etsy and the last image of the hair pin is from shopestherjean on etsy. Here is a YouTube tutorial on achieving your own boho inspired hair accessory. Video 1 is about natural hair jewelry accessorizing and Video 2 is tutorial on how to make your floral hair band. For my tip, I would substitute the white flowers for fall color flowers or use leaves to achieve the same look.


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