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I had the pleasure of interviewing hairstylist Tai and her client Simone at Pasch Salon located in Belmar, NJ. Before we start, I would to say thank you ladies for allowing me to interview you both on this beautiful Saturday morning in Belmar.

Both Ladies: You’re welcome!

Ayasha: Good Morning Simone….How are you doing?

Simone: I feel good and relaxed.

Ayasha: Well, I am glad to hear that…Well let’s start off by asking you, How long has Tai been styling your hair?

Simone: This is my third time coming to Pasch Salon to have Tai to do my hair.

Ayasha: Who referred you to Tai?

Simone: I have a coworker name Tu’jaim who also gets her hair styled by Tai she referred me.

Ayasha: Where were you going to get your hair done before you started to come to Pasch Salon?

Simone: Well, I live in Freehold and I was travelling all the way to East Orange to get my hair done. Even though I was travelling about an hour away from where I live, my hair continued to be badly damaged. My hair was extremely thin, breakage everywhere, and I had bald spots too. My hair was in bad shape!

Tai: Yes, when I started to do Simone’s hair which was about two months, she had about four bald spots in different sections throughout her hair. Because her hair was so badly damaged, we decided the best thing for her hair was to apply extensions into her hair, however, before I could put the extension into her hair, I had to sew a weave cap into her braided hair to cover up the bald spots. I styled her hair into a cute cropped bob.


Tai: I believe that our hair is a part of our appearance and it’s just another extension of ourselves. When your hair doesn’t look right, it affects your self-esteem, which in turn makes you not feel good about yourself. I strongly believe our hair is a part of image and self-esteem at the end of day, “when we look good we feel good!”

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Simone: I have never had a stylist who actually cared about my hair as much as Tai does. She has taught me how to take care and repair my damaged hair. When Tai is doing my hair, it is all about me and my hair care needs. From my experience you can’t really find that today….To me that’s priceless!

Tai: I am pleased that she feels this way about me, it is very touching, and makes me feel so good about being a stylist.

Ayasha: Simone, what makes Tai so different than the rest of the hairstylists you have been to in the past?

Simone: Tai has her discounts days which I’ve heard are fabulous, however, I have never had the chance to take advantage due to my work schedule.

Ayasha: What do you for a living?

Simone: I am a therapist and work in North Jersey.  I work in a professional setting and I can’t have my hair looking a mess. My hair has to be styled into a very polished and professional look. Tai is very knowledgeable about the way my hair has to look. Well, Tai is just very knowledgeable about hair in general. It really doesn’t matter if your hair is colored, damaged, short, permed, fine, wavy, or curly natural. Tai knows hair!

Ayasha: And Yes, she does…She is the best hidden secret in Monmouth County, but not for long. Well it has been an honor and pleasure to have both you here today to be feature on Jerz Life Fashion Blog.  Thank you so much ladies!!!


We welcome you to make an appointment or hair consultation with Tai at Pasch Salon located on 700 Main Street, Belmar, NJ. Call 732-359-8300 Make sure you follow Tai’s latest hair tips, trends, styles, and discounts on twitter, Instagram and become a friend on FB




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  1. mssandra

    I was very impressed with this interview. It is refreshing to see a young black woman succeed in the fast world of hairstyling, and to have a name for yourself is twice as nice. I congradulate Ms. Tai on all of your endeavors and goals. It sure looks like you have arrived.

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