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Interview with Los Angeles, CA Fashion Designer Push


Push Clothing Launched on January 1, 2013 of this year. An amzingly empowering way to start off 2013, by clothing designer Push. On Monday, September 9th I had the pleasure of interviewing this young and innovative designer from Los Angles.

Ayasha: Well, Push it is finally nice to speak to you over the phone about your line of clothing called Push.

Push: Yes, the pleasure is all mine.

Ayasha: Our company has been following you on twitter for months! This is how we are able to see your clothing line and eventually get this interview with you. How did you come up with the concept of Push Clothing?

Push: Well, I used to be a part of the hip hop movement when it came to music just making beats. I created a facebook and twitter page. I decided to make a t-shirt with the words PUSH on it. People started liking the t-shirts, then began asking me were the shirts on sale. I actually did not think about selling the shirt until people become interested in the shirts that were posted on my FB and twitter. I began to sell the shirts and people loved it. One of my colleagues suggested that I should create a clothing line out of t-shirts that said PUSH on the front of the shirts, which I did. 8 months later…I sell t-shirts to customers in Texas, New York City, Oklahoma, Arizona, Maryland Arkansas, Florida, and even Mexico.

Ayasha: WOW… In just 8 months you were able to sell your shirts to all these people.

Push: Yes, we are a baby brand company. Just starting out creating clothing for the people.

Ayasha: How would you describe your line of clothing?

Push: It’s Urban Causal Clothing that’s designed for anyone to wear.

Ayasha: What would be your biggest seller?

Push: Hands down women and children’s t-shirts. I believe it is because I am about positivity. I am not going to design a clothing line, especially not a t-shirt with bitch, hoe, or slut on it. I have much respect for women and they deserve better than that. My mother did not raise me to be that kind of man and that it is not the kind of fashion designer I want to be.


Ayasha: I am glad to hear that because I believe that people today are looking for something that holds more substance, other than the same old thing that you see day in and day out. I think the whole thing with negative wording on your clothing gets a little old and boring after awhile. You don’t have to be a designer to do that….


Push: Right, if you are a person who is looking for something positive, our clothing will attract you and you will want to rock it to school, with family, friends and so forth. We are about a positive movement, even though things aren’t going positively. That’s why I push to break through boundaries to eventually push you to overcome whatever you are going through.


Ayasha: This leads me into my next question, Okay I love the breast cancer shirt and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How did you come up with the concept of creating your own line of breast cancer shirts?

Push: Well, I have lost so many people in my life personally to cancer. My brother died of Colon Cancer, my father died of pancreatic cancer, and my aunt died of Breast Cancer. I decided to create a line of t-shirts for men and women who have either died from cancer or survived.

Ayasha: What an honor that is….I know that your family is smiling upon you right now! Push you keep on pushing and creating positive clothing line.

Push: Thank you so much!

Ayasha: Okay let’s talk about locations in your area: If I am on the West Coast or in LA How would I go about finding your clothing in person?

Push: Okay, On Sunday, October 13th I will be at the Lowrider Magazine Tour at Super Show Cashman Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, on Saturday, October 19th Push Clothing line will be featured in a fashion show in South Los Angeles. The fashion show is free for all to attend.  Finally I will be at the Bank Sale Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2014, please go to my website for more detailed info and any upcoming fashion tours as well.


 We are looking forward to the clothing line eventually venturing out to the East Coast very soon.

Finally make sure you follow Push on Twitter @ThatPush Like Push Clothing on FB and make sure you purchase your clothing from Push Store






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