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I had the pleasure of interviewing my very first designer on the How To Sharpen Your Look Section which is dedicated to Men’s clothing, accessories, hair, skin, and so much more. Without further adieu, I would like to introduce to the Jerz Life World Mr. Eddie Robinson from Newburgh, New York. He did not take the traditional route of making his way into the fashion industry by going into college and majoring in Fashion Design, then interning at several major fashion companies in New York City. No, Eddie is a trailblazer as he makes his mark in the men’s fashion industry. His story will inspire, aspire, and motivate you to continue to strive to be the best in anything you set your mind to. I believe that is what makes his bowtie company New Blak so extraordinary from the rest. The New Blak Bowtie Collection is trendy, versatile, and edgy and nothing like I have ever seen before. I believe this is what drew me to his company, and I am here to help you find out what New Blak is all about.

New Blak Logo

Ayasha: I would like say thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to discuss your bowtie collection called the New Blak.

Eddie: No, thank you so much for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.

Ayasha: You’re Welcome and my first question is, how did you come up with the name New Blak?

Eddie: Several years ago, one day my friend and I were watching television and we noticed a lot of white celebrities were adopting black children. I said that is like the New Blak….This name just stuck.

Ayasha: As a fashion designer, what made you want to start off first designing men bowties?

Eddie: Well, everyone I know or have seen starting a clothing line, always seems to start with creating t-shirts first. I believed it was a very competitive business to start off as a designer creating t-shirts because there are so many t-shirt lines already. So instead I decide to first start off designing men’s bowties.

Ayasha: the colors of the bow ties are what attracted me to your company.  The colors are so eye catching. I believe that New Blak BowTie collection  will continue to attract other people who don’t wear bowties as well because of the colors.

New Blak Bowtie

Eddie:  Thank you and Yes, I tried to design and colorize bowties that are different from what you may see in the streets or what you may find in major department stores.

Ayasha: Where did you come up with the names to your bowties?

Eddie: The concept of each bowtie is that they are named after someone who has made a great or significant impact in my life. For example: Micah Judah bowties represent my cousins whose names are Micah and Jaron Judah. They are both very artistic and also represent the renaissance man of the21th century.

Ayasha: Who is your ideal person in the world that you would love to see wear your bowtie collections?

Eddie: The person that I would love to see the most wearing my bowties are the ideal man, meaning everyday men who work very hard and get the job done. I believe those men understand the vision and concept of my bowtie collection. Working hard and executing daily life goals because that is what we are all about. Now as far as celebrities I would love to see Kanye West rocking the bowties. He is a man who has worked very hard to get where he is today and nobody can take that away from him.

Ayasha: I see that whoever wears your collection, will be inspired and understand the message behind it.  Now, I love the colors of your bowties. Are they unisex?

Eddie: Yes, bowtie are unisex so if the ladies want to rock my bowties with a cute blouse or suit they can.

Ayasha: I think that’s what I love about your bowties they are not to masculine, where a lady like myself could wear it. The colors of your bowties are color neutral so when girls wear it they won’t look too masculine and if guys wears it they won’t feel too feminine. If you are a girl and you like to wear a bowtie from time to time here are some unisex bowties to choose from.

New Blak Face Logo                     New Blak Bowtie 3


Ayasha: Eddie when it comes to you being a fashion designer, who are you influenced by?

Eddie: Tom Ford and John Varvatos influence me the most in the men’s fashion industry. These two men have made their mark in the Men’s Fashion Industry. I hope that one day my company will be a men’s clothing line, designing men’s suits, footwear, hats, pants, etc.

Ayasha: What can people expect from New Blak in 2014?

Eddie: You can expect bling, masculine Swarovski crystals, & a little feminine for versatility.

Ayasha: WOW, I am looking forward to seeing what  is in store for 2014. I am very excited. Thank you once again Eddie for the interview today and I really appreciate it.

Eddie: No thank you  for the opportunity!

Ayasha: Everyone make sure you go to to purchase your bowtie. These bowties are a unique and in my opinion the perfect gift for father or son. This holiday season purchase a trendy and stylish bowtie instead of the usual socks & underwear. Furthermore make sure you follow New Blak on twitter @New_blak, find them on facebook www.facebook/NewBlak  and you contact New Blak via email

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