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I am a fan of finding the right fit from clothing, to intimates, to shape wear and outer wear, but never have I ever thought about the right Fit for your Face!

I am a subscriber of many Youtube Gurus and gain much inspiration from them, from Dulce Candy, to Julia Graf, from Michelle Phan to Hey Kali; they all bring fun, fashion, family and DIY delights to all our lives. Yet, it wasn’t until Michelle Phan made a video a few weeks ago that I thought about face shapes and how to find the right frame for your face. Now this might not seem like a big deal for some of you, but HONEY, I am as Blind as a Bat, and own many many many pairs of eyeglasses throughout the years, yet I never thought about finding a fashionable frame that not only fit my personality, but also highlighted my face shape. Ahh there we go, Shape. Lets go to the basics.

There are many face shapes, from oblong, to square, heart shape to round.

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Michelle breaks these down for us in a short video, that does every face shape justice. So below is the link, let her know JerzLife sent you and that we give thanks!

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(click link for video)

 The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Seriously, Who would have thought of this? Am I the only one who was left off the band wagon?? Well Loves until next time Enjoy the Clip! And stay tuned ‘cause I will be talking about finding Flattering Costumes for your figure!

(secret surprise, my mom will make an appearance lol) XoXo Jacky O!

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